• Collinsville IL Tree Care: Why are my oak leaves turning brown?

    May 19, 2020
  • Tree care is something that all Collinsville, IL home, and business owners need. It maintains the health of the trees on a piece of property and prevents the trunk and branches from rotting and causing an accident. It’s a liability to have dead and dying trees in a yard. If they were to topple and fall onto someone, the weight of the tree could hurt the person very badly.

    If you notice brown spots on your oak tree’s leaves, it could sign a severe infection. It’s essential to take care of the problem just as soon as you have the opportunity to get tree services. Some tree diseases are highly contagious and can wipe out a population of oak trees fast. If you don’t want your yard to be utterly barren because of all the trees that will need to be removed, hiring a specialist who deals with tree care in Collinsville, IL, is highly advisable.

    What to Do When You Notice Signs of Disease in a Tree

    browning leaves collinsville ilIf you’ve noticed that your oak leaves have turned brown, and it’s not the right season for them to change colors, it’s time to contact a professional tree service. They’ll be able to diagnose the issue and give you options to remedy the problem. In some cases, you can save the tree. The most extreme situations involve you removing the tree from the property entirely to prevent the disease from spreading.

    Taking action ensures that you won’t have a tree rot from the inside out and fall onto your home’s roof or vehicle. It prevents limbs from becoming completely hollow or gnawed down by bug infestations and crashing down on top of you, your family member, or a person passing by. When you care enough about the oak trees on your property, you won’t deal with unfortunate situations involving accidents and injuries.

    Take Good Care of Your Oak Trees, So Their Leaves Don’t Turn Brown

    tree diseases collinsville illinoisHire a tree service provider in Collinsville, IL, to handle your tree care issues for you right away. Doing so allows you to keep your trees healthy year-round. If your oak leaves turn brown long before fall is present, it’s time to ensure the tree’s health immediately. Regular tree trimming services can help keep branches from being struck by lightning and becoming destroyed as a result of a terrible storm.