• Edwardsville IL Tree Care: What To Do When Your Tree Gets Struck By Lightning

    July 1, 2020
  • So, you have a tree on your Edwardsville, Illinois property that was struck by lightning. What do you do with it now that it has damage? Knowing how to deal with an unfortunate situation involving lightning is ideal. It helps you prevent further issues from occurring that could potentially cause more damage to your property or even hurt someone passing under the tree by foot or vehicle.

    man using a chain saw for tree removal services edwardsville illinoisA Tree Struck by Lightning Can Be Weakened and Dead Inside

    A live tree that has been struck by lightning can die quickly. The damage may be so severe that there is no other option but to have it removed from the property. If you’re not sure what to do if your tree is damaged, read further. You’ll gain greater knowledge about why it’s important to act swiftly after experiencing a lightning strike or storm-related tree casualty.

    Here is what you need to do when your Edwardsville, Illinois tree gets struck by lightning:

    • Assess the damage. Is the tree salvageable, or is it destroyed completely?
    • Water the tree. If the tree has survived, it’s going to need water and lots of it.
    • Fertilize the tree. Doing so supplies it with the nutrients it needs to thrive once again.
    • Have your tree’s branches pruned. Having a professional who prunes tree branches take care of the task for you is highly recommended because they possess the skills and equipment needed to do so quickly.
    • Remove the tree if it is entirely dead. It’s less of an eyesore and liability for you that way.

    Getting the assistance that you need to remove a tree damaged by lightning is much easier than you might have thought it would be. All you need to do is contact the right company to handle the task for you. Doing so prevents you from feeling stressed out by having a tree that could fall at any time standing on your property.

    Invest in Professional Tree Care Services Todayred pruning shears pruning a tree to keep the tree healthy edwardsville illinois

    Regular tree pruning not only keeps trees looking their best, but it also makes them their healthiest. When you invest in tree care services, you have fewer instances where you need tree removal. Your trees remain healthy and disease-free.

    Hire someone to remove the tree before it becomes a problem for you. Your Edwardsville, Illinois tree removal company will take care of the issue, so it’s not a liability that you must deal with. If it were to fall, it could damage your property significantly or injure someone severely.