An expert technician is demonstrating the correct technique to prune a tree in the residential neighborhood of Troy, IL.

The Top 4 Benefits of Pruning Your Trees

If you want your trees to be strong and healthy, you must take proper care of them. The level of care you provide will determine each tree’s shape, strength, and longevity. One way to help your trees is by trimming and pruning them as needed. Cutting away dead branches and removing extra weight can help your tree flourish and grow properly. Removing dead branches can also help increase your home’s curb appeal and make it appear beautiful, clean, and well-manicured. Tree trimming will benefit the trees, your family, and your home in Troy, IL. Please keep reading to learn more about the advantages of tree trimming and how our company of A-Unlimited Tree Service can help with the services we provide.

Removes Dead Branches

Trimming involves removing branches that are dead, dying, or diseased, which is crucial because those branches if left untreated, will fall on their own, which could lead to personal injury or property damage, which you don’t want to risk. The tree’s overall appearance will be improved, but more importantly, so will the tree’s health. Allow your tree to flourish by removing the dead branches to stop any disease from spreading and enhance the visual appearance of the tree. We can help with our tree trimming services if you’re interested in professional care and exceptional results.

Lightens the Load of Your Tree

A professional technician using his tools and equipment to administer expert care to trees in need of pruning in Troy, IL.

Crown thinning is a method of tree trimming that removes the weak branches to open up the tree’s canopy. The benefits include lightening the tree’s load by removing the defected branches and enhancing the ability of air and light to penetrate the tree. Through this method, you are helping relieve stress and pressure from the tree and allowing it to grow successfully without being weighed down or burdened by excess weight. Contact our staff at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL to learn how we can help.

Clears Sidewalks and Roads

Sometimes you need to cut off the lower branches of your trees to clear paths for sidewalks and roads. Also, you should remove branches growing too close to your house. Cutting off larger branches will leave more extensive and noticeable wounds in the tree, so crown lifting is usually recommended for younger trees. Be careful not to over-prune your trees because that could have adverse effects. You want them to be healthy and free to grow but also look aesthetically pleasing.

Lessens the Height of the Tree

A professional is cutting away the top of a tree in Troy, IL to lessen the height and preserve the health of the tree.

The process of crown reduction should be done by a professional with experience and skill, as well as knowledge of the patterns involved with tree growth. This type of tree trimming aims to remove terminal branches to help protect and preserve the main limb, decreasing the branches’ mass or the tree’s overall height. Luckily, our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL is full of experts ready to help your trees grow and stay healthy while minimizing the risk of them decaying after the pruning process. Contact our team today at 618.667.9885.

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