A person hugging a tree with a green moss heart in the center of the trunk in Highland, IL.

Top 4 Most Common Tree Care Myths

As a homeowner, having a beautiful property with healthy trees is something we know our customers in Highland, IL strives for. However, it can be hard to care for your trees when you don’t can’t depict facts from myths. Our tree care experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service are here to educate local homeowners on the most common tree care myths floating around that everyone is subject to believing. Keep reading below to learn more about these myths, and don’t forget to call our facility to get quality tree maintenance services for your property.

Myth #1: New Trees Should Have Their Trunks Wrapped to Prevent Damage

Recent studies on tree wraps have officially proven that they do not prevent damage from happening on newly planted trees. In recent years, you may have noticed different colored wrapping materials on the trunks of newly planted trees – these were meant to protect the tree from becoming too cold in the winter. Now, these wraps are proven to be ineffective and even have created homes for small insects to hide in when the weather turns cold. If you require advice on how to care for your newly planted trees, give our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL a call.

Myth #2: The Root System of a Tree is a Mirror of the Top Branches

A digitized image of an apple tree growing with white roots growing in the dirt below in Highland, IL.

The second myth that is most common in tree care services is that the root system of a tree mirrors the top of the branches. This is extremely untrue, in fact, the entire root system of a tree is only within 3 feet of the soil, not the massive 20-40 feet that is imagined by homeowners. At A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL, we provide maintenance to trees and their root systems at all times of the year. From tree pruning to removal services, you can count on our experts to provide the services you need to keep your property and trees looking healthy.

Myth #3: Never Trim a Tree in the Summer

While fall and winter are the prime times for trimming your trees, it is not impossible nor opposed by tree care specialists to trim trees in the summer. If you have a severely dying or dead branch that is harming other areas of your tree, our specialists at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL are readily available to trim off your tree’s branches in the summer months. Summer is when the growth is the most prominent for your trees, so if anything is stunting that growth, then controlling them in months where they can grow back healthy is a great choice for homeowners.

Myth #4: Trees Grow Best When Planted Deep

Two handing holding dirt with a flowering tree and a fully grown small tree symbolizing tree care services in Highland, IL.

Planting new trees too deep in the soil can prevent your trees from growing. When going to plant a new tree, avoid digging a deep hole, instead, simply place the roots of the tree on compacted soil and make sure it has enough water and sunlight to flourish. Your tree’s roots, over time, will find their way deeper into the soil and develop stability from there. For help planting new or young trees on your property, reach out to our tree care specialists at 618.667.9885 and schedule a service with one of our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service.

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