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A-Unlimited Tree Service has been the #1 choice for tree care in Maryville, IL for over 25 years. Our qualified professionals handle tree services of all kinds throughout Southwestern Illinois, from pruning decayed branches to handling complete tree removal projects. Trimming and cutting will not only improve the appearance of your home, but it will also help to avoid potential hazards caused by diseased or damaged trees. For reliable tree care and emergency removal services, A-Unlimited is the clear choice for homeowners and commercial businesses due to our competitive rates and outstanding customer service. Make an appointment with our certified team to receive a free quote on your tree pruning or cleanup job.

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Tree Trimming
Maryville IL

When it comes to tree maintenance, scheduling a professional pruning service can provide several advantages to your property. Although your trees may appear stable enough to endure severe weather conditions, overgrown limbs can break over time, diminishing the tree’s structure and presenting a danger to your family and surrounding homes. Our crew at A-Unlimited Tree Care excels in tree pruning for homes in Maryville, IL and the surrounding areas. We use only high-quality tools and industry-approved processes to trim your trees while eliminating foliage that can draw unwanted pests. To ensure the health of your trees, contact our team for seasonal tree trimming in Southwestern Illinois.

Tree Pruning
Maryville IL

In contrast to trimming services, tree pruning aims to get rid of any limbs that are diseased or infected and cannot be treated. Any areas of your tree that have been impacted by sickness or pests need to be removed and managed in order to guarantee new healthy growth. In Maryville, Illinois, A-Unlimited Tree Care provides tree maintenance and pruning services for both residential and business locations. We use professional bucket trucks and top-of-the-line machinery intended to make accurate incisions that promote healthy development on your tree limbs, guaranteeing the effectiveness of our trimming services. To safeguard your property, contact us immediately to request our tree pruning services.

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Tree Removal
Maryville IL

Clearing a tree from your property can be a difficult procedure. It will not only take a team of specialists but also require the necessary tools and methods to ensure long-term safety. Because of our cautious methods and 25+ years of industry expertise, A-Unlimited Tree Care is one of the best options for tree removal in Maryville, IL. We develop custom project solutions to ensure the safety of each job, whether your tree has vertical fractures, diseased limbs, or you simply want it taken from your land. Following an initial examination, our team will provide a comprehensive method for removing your tree, including what tools will be used. Please contact us right away to book a tree clearance service with one of our experienced tree trimmers.

Stump Grinding
Maryville IL

Tree roots not only detract from the aesthetics of your land, but they can also endanger your safety if not removed. For this, stump removal is one of our most common tree care services in Maryville, IL. Grinding a tree stump varies from traditional stump removal, in that it uses non-invasive technology to cut the root system while leaving behind eco-friendly debris that can stimulate lawn growth. Stump removal involves the cutting of your stump, often times leaving a large hole in its place that requires chemicals to eliminate new tree growth. Our stump grinding services at A-Unlimited Tree Care are ideal for residents who want to keep their property intact while avoiding tree development from leftover roots. If you want to get clear of decaying roots on your land, contact our staff today.

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Emergency Storm Damage
Maryville IL

Is your property harmed as a result of a recent storm? Fallen trees and broken branches are one of the major occurrences that happen during a harsh Midwestern storm. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, our team is one of the few in Maryville, IL that provides emergency storm damage services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team is the #1 option for homeowners when their trees are damaged in a rain or windstorm; from trimming and removing broken limbs to clearing up branches and debris in your yard, we’re here to help restore the look and safety of y our property. Our emergency services include checking the structural stability of your tree’s root system and providing full removal services if your tree has been displaced. If your property has been injured as a result of a storm, please call our team for immediate storm damage assistance.