Fallen tree sitting in Madison County residents' home after a storm.

Emergency Storm Damage Services for Your Trees in Madison County

As nature’s sentinels, trees grace our landscapes with beauty and provide essential environmental benefits. However, amidst the serene backdrop they create, certain trees can turn into potential hazards during storms or strong winds. Recognizing the signs of vulnerability in trees likely to fall is crucial for safeguarding your property and loved ones. Whether it’s due to recent construction, compromised roots, improper pruning, or lopsided growth, understanding these factors can help you take preventive measures. For emergency storm damage services, our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service offer quality care in restoring your property.  

In this blog, we’ll explore the indicators of trees prone to falling and discuss essential steps to ensure safety, mend storm damage, and determine when tree removal becomes necessary. For Madison County, IL, A-Unlimited Tree Service, is committed to providing professional guidance and expertise in maintaining the integrity of your landscape.

Trees Likely to Fall

You can watch out for certain characteristics in your trees to see if they are more prone to falling during a storm or heavy wind. If a tree has only been on a property for five years or less, they are more liable to fall due to the roots sustaining damage from the construction on the new property. Any trees planted in new gravelly soil are also prone to falling because the soil is not strong enough to hold the tree roots. Furthermore, any lopsided trees or pruned improperly are also susceptible to falling after a storm. Watch for these warning signs to protect yourself from the mess of a fallen tree in your yard.

Safety First

First, you must put your safety first after a big storm hits. Damaged trees can get tangled in utility lines, becoming very dangerous. Keep an eye out for any power lines that may have been struck by a tree and avoid any limbs that look damaged and ready to fall. Be cautious if you choose to use power tools around any trees that have fallen. If you don’t feel comfortable removing a fallen tree, you can contact a professional service such as A-Unlimited Tree Service; we offer experienced arborists skilled in tree removal.

Mend The Damage

After a storm hits, you may notice a tree that appears damaged beyond repair. There is still a chance that the tree can be saved after receiving storm damage. The first thing you can do is tend to the bark on the tree. If you notice any ragged or torn pieces due to the storm, you can use a knife to trim the edges to improve the appearance and eliminate hiding places for insects. With many broken branches, you will want to start to prune your tree to make it look even, but you will want to avoid over-pruning it. Eventually, your trees will grow new foliage and will look beautiful again.

Tree Removal

Some trees become damaged beyond repair and cannot be saved. If you notice a trunk is split or most of the tree’s crown is gone, it is time to remove the tree before it causes further damage to your home or your yard. Removing a tree can become a dangerous do-it-yourself project if you don’t have much experience in tree removal.  When you contact A-Unlimited Tree Service, we send our trained arborists to your Madison County, IL home who have the experience and equipment to safely remove any damaged trees that could potentially fall.

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