Safe, Professional Tree Removal Services in Troy Illinois

Tree trimming and removal is an essential aspect of the upkeep of your property and the local environment. Certain tree specimens can interfere with the growth of smaller plant life. This competition for resources can impede the development and maturation of these other plants. In effect, one tree’s thriving can negatively affect the surrounding property. That’s where we come in. A-Unlimited provides the Metro East with quality tree trimming, pruning, shaping, and even removal services. Don’t let an overgrown, dead, or otherwise hazardous tree threaten your property. Call us for expert solutions!

Tree removal is often necessary for a variety of reasons. Most often, a tree needs removing because it is obstructing a driveway, building, utility wires, or other trees and plant life. Regular pruning or trimming can usually help, but in some instances, tree removal is merely unavoidable. A-Unlimited’s highly skilled arborists are ready to help you with your unique issue. No two trees are alike, and, similarly, no two customers are alike. We’ll assess your specific environment, tree, and situation and offer appropriate solutions.

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You should always bring in a professional for your tree removal services, as it is tricky and dangerous work. Specialized equipment and training are required as well as careful precision to avoid damaging any surrounding property or buildings. Typically, A-Unlimited’s standard tree removal service includes taking the tree down, chipping all brush, cutting down the stump, and a thorough cleanup. You can also opt for complete stump removal. When you choose our experts, we’ll leave your property in better condition than when we started work! The cost of this service depends on the size and state of the tree, as well as the complexity of its removal (trees in inaccessible locations or near utility wires require a higher level of skill and care). Call today and speak to our courteous representatives for a free estimate!

Emergency Storm Damage Services

Successful Tree Recovery Options for Homeowners

Intense storms often wreak havoc with Metro East properties. More than likely, you’ll discover that your trees will have seen some damage in the aftermath. Some people leave the damaged trees up or clear-cut them. However, there are several options available to you. If you have storm-damaged trees, consult the professionals at A-Unlimited to find out what best to do for your trees and property.

Here are the three most common procedures for post-storm tree care.

1. Save the damaged tree

While your tree may look worse for wear, there’s a good chance that it may be salvageable. Local tree species are used to weather variations and are often very resilient. Trees with minor damage or younger, resilient trees we can usually save with a small amount of trimming or removing damaged branches. Likewise, mature trees can recover as long as their structural integrity remains intact.

Call in our experts to assess the damage and find out if your tree will be able to recover.

2. Take a “wait and see” approach to the tree

It is essential to consult with professionals for this method, as it requires knowledge and precision. Many trees need time to recover. With the proper treatment, even the most damaged-looking trees still have a chance. However, they will need all the foliage they can get to produce enough energy to heal. A-Unlimited arborists know just how much to trim and how much to maintain for the best chance at recovery.

3. Remove the tree completely

In some cases, a damaged tree we can’t save. If it had previously been weakened or suffered from a disease, the best course of action might be to remove the tree to prevent any future headache or damage. If the tree has a split trunk or a removed crown, it will not be able to recover. With a large portion of the tree missing, there won’t be enough foliage to support the tree’s healing process. A-Unlimited Tree Service can efficiently remove any damaged tree as well as clear your property of any downed trees and brush.

Let the professionals of A-Unlimited Tree Service clean up your property after severe weather!

Don’t let damaged trees threaten your property or downed trees and brush keep you from fully utilizing your yard. Let our specialists remove these hazards before they create any further complications for you. Storm recovery can be a complicated and challenging process without our knowledge and equipment. When you need speedy, dependable storm recovery tree service, call our team at 618-667-9885 for a free estimate!