Two professional tree trimming experts in Highland, IL pruning a tree's branches in the winter while wearing gloves and using professional equipment.

I’ve Never Cared for My Trees Before; Where Do I Start?

Trees outlive all other organisms. Did you know that the oldest living trees are around 4000 and reside in the White Mountains of California? We can appreciate and love our trees – as long as we care for them. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the importance and steps when taking care of their trees. A lot of the time, you will see big healthy trees; however, they have lots of dead twigs and limbs hanging off of them. 

So, how do we take care of our beloved trees? A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL. has you covered with their many provided services, which include tree trimming, pruning, maintenance, removal, and much more! Call today at 618.667.9885.


A young couple is planting and watering a tree in their yard to promote tree care.

When planting a new tree, there are many steps you can take to ensure its success. First, prepare a proper planting hole. This hole should be about three times wider than the current root mass but not deeper than its previous environment. Then, eliminate air pockets. Next, ensure that your tree has good root-to-soil contact to prevent dead roots. Next, add your mulch. Adding mulch is easy to help your tree retain moisture and keep roots cool near the surface. Finally, water! The most critical step after planting your tree is to keep it well-watered until it is fully established, which may take 1 to 2 growing seasons!

Watering Your Trees

Watering is one of the most important steps when caring for your trees! Watering is essential to your tree’s long-term health. It is critical for transporting sugars and nutrients from the soil to the plants; without water, the tree can be left defenseless to infection by pests and pathogens! Just like any other plant, if it hasn’t rained, you may need to check if your tree needs some water. While mature trees need only about an inch of water a week, a new tree may need between 4 to 10 gallons! 


Adding too much mulch around your tree can sometimes do more harm than good. Make sure you are not putting a massive amount of mulch around your tree because it can trap moisture and lead to rot. Instead, after removing the grass from around the tree, spread between two and four inches of mulch around the base without covering the trunk. When done correctly, mulch can insulate tree roots, protect from lawn mower cuts, and help prevent dry soil!

Fertilizing Your Trees

A homeowner caring for the trees on his property by spraying fertilizer.

While removing weeds and dead leaves from our lawns may make it look nice, it is taking away natural nutrients from our trees. To ensure your trees in Highland, IL are getting these nutrients without the mess, you can use fertilizer instead. Add a slow-release fertilizer to ensure the tree gets its nutrients regularly. You may also need to test your soil occasionally to see if you may need to add any elements in particular. 


Pruning promotes good health in trees while improving their structure and removing any dead wood stunting their growth. During the summer, you can clear out dead or damaged twigs. However, you must do your larger pruning jobs while the tree is dormant and doesn’t have any leaves. In addition, giant trees may need major pruning if they interfere with electrical lines or are too big for their space. To safely prune a large tree, the best thing is to contact a trained arborist at AUnlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL.

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