Digitized image of a healthy growing tree with deep roots under the soil on a residential property in Troy, IL.

The Benefits of Knowing How Extensive Your Tree Roots Are

Trees add beauty to any Troy, IL property. They help keep your home cool in the summer and they help to purify the air surrounding your house. They also help anchor the tree to the ground and prevent it from blowing over in a strong wind or washing away after heavy rain. As trees grow, their root system can extend far past the above-ground bark and foliage. As much as 65 percent of the tree can be located beneath the ground. On average the roots of a tree extend four to seven times the radius of the tree.

A professional tree care expert in Troy, IL digging a home to find tree roots and make sure they are healthy and non-invasive.

Why it’s important to know where your tree roots are located

Tree roots can penetrate the sewer and septic system pipes leading to and from your home. It’s amazing how strong they can be. In addition, if they grow too near to your house, they can compromise the foundation over time. Knowing where these roots are located can help you head off any potential problems before they arise.

Another reason to know where your tree roots are is to protect them when you are adding on to your property or digging something like a swimming pool or the foundation for a garage or other outdoor building. Damaging too many tree roots can compromise the health of the tree and even cause it to gradually die.

At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we advise homeowners to know where their tree roots are located when applying herbicides and fertilizers to their lawn. While these products may yield you a lush, green lawn, they can be hazardous to tree roots.

A tree care expert using a ground-penetrating radar devise to find exactly where tree roots are located on your property in Troy, IL.

How to find out where those roots are located

As a tree grows, it puts out an ever-expanding network of roots to draw in moisture and nutrients that the plant needs to thrive. The good news is that most roots are located in the top 18″ of soil. The diameter of a tree’s root system depends on the type of tree, its age, and its location. A good tree maintenance company can tell you what the average root diameter is for the trees on your property.

If you suspect that tree roots are becoming a problem on your Troy, IL property, you can use ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to map the exact location of the root system. This technology, which has been used for around 30 years, is non-invasive and can give property owners a detailed map of the roots surrounding their trees.

Tree care and maintenance with A-Unlimited Tree Service

A-Unlimited Tree Service offers a variety of tree care services for both businesses and residences. These include tree trimming, tree pruning, and regular tree maintenance. We also offer tree removal services and stump grinding.

To learn more about locating your tree roots and keeping the trees on your Troy IL property well-maintained and healthy, contact A-Unlimited Tree Service at 618 667-9885. We’ve been helping Metro-East Illinois businesses and homeowners like you with their tree maintenance needs for more than 25 years.

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