A green tree that is very popular in southern Illinois and Troy, IL in front of residential properties.

The Most Popular Trees in Southern Illinois

If you live in southern Illinois or are looking to move to a quaint little town sometime soon, it’s good to know which parts of nature are native to the area to plan your landscaping projects. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we are here to help locals and incoming residents know of the most popular trees they can find on their property in Troy, IL. Keep reading below to discover more about these popular trees and make sure to contact our tree care experts when you need a tree trimming or tree removal service.

Flowering Dogwood

First on the list is the flowering dogwood tree! These are easily identifiable on southern IL properties because of their beautiful white flowers that turn bright pink in the fall. While there are several types of dogwood trees scattered throughout the United States, Illinois and its neighboring states Indiana and Missouri are the only ones that have these flowering dogwood trees If you’re wanting to add color to your property, these trees grow to be anywhere from 15-25 feet fall and have smooth-edged leaves, making it a perfect addition to any property. For tree care services, call A-Unlimited Tree Service today!


A beautiful red sassafras tree in the middle of a field on a residential property in Troy, IL requiring tree care services.

Sassafras trees are another tree common to southern Illinois properties. This is one of the tallest trees on our list, averaging anywhere from 15-40 feet tall! These beautiful flowering trees are known for their potential fragrance and gorgeous leaves that have six petals and range in colors from yellow to red. Along with eye-piercing flowers, these trees also have dark-blue berries that sprout in the early spring. For tree maintenance, give our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service a call today.


Willows, or weeping willows as they are most commonly referred to in Troy, IL and other southern parts of the state, are another common tree found on residential properties. Known for their droopy leaves, these trees have slender branches and a very expansive root system. Willow trees can grow anywhere from 6-8 feet per year, making them extremely tall and wonderous trees that create the perfect shade for a sunny summer day. While these trees are common, they also require upkeep to ensure the health of the leaves and branches – for tree care services, call A-Unlimited Tree Service!

Eastern Redbud

A purple eastern redbud tree that is one of the most popular trees in Troy, IL, and southern Illinois on a residential property.

The eastern redbud is another common tree in the southern parts of Illinois including Troy, Highland, and the surrounding areas. Not only can it grow up to 40 feet in height, but it sprouts vibrant purple and pink flowers that bloom on every inch of its branches in the early spring. In the fall months, the flowers turn into beautiful heart-shaped leaves, and instead of a purple color, they become a gorgeous yellow that makes any residential property look stunning. If you have eastern redbuds on your property and require tree maintenance or care services, contact A-Unlimited Tree Service at (618) 667-9885.

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