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For over 25 years, A-Unlimited Tree Service has been a leading expert in tree care throughout O’Fallon, IL. From trimming dead limbs to tackling entire tree removal projects, our team of certified experts handles tree jobs of all sizes throughout Southwestern Illinois. Not only will trimming and pruning enhance the look of your property, but it will prevent damage and disease from developing in the future. When it comes to tree maintenance and removal, A-Unlimited is the top choice for homes and businesses due to our fair pricing and excellent customer service. Schedule a consultation with our licensed team and receive a free estimate on your trimming or tree removal project.

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Tree Trimming
O'Fallon IL

When it comes to maintaining your trees, investing in professional trimming can offer several benefits to your landscape. Although it may seem like your trees can withstand harsh weather conditions, after a while, overgrown branches can start to crack, weakening the tree’s structure and posing a threat to your home. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, our team specializes in tree trimming for residential properties throughout O’Fallon, IL. Using only high-quality tools and procedures, we help your trees look more shaped and balanced while removing overgrowth that can attract pests. Keep your trees healthy with seasonal tree trimming from our certified team in Southwestern Illinois.

Tree Pruning
O'Fallon IL

Tree pruning differs from trimming in that it is designed to remove already infected, diseased, or dead tree branches. In order to ensure healthy future growth from your tree, any areas that have been permanently affected by disease and pests must be removed and treated. A-Unlimited Tree Service offers tree healthcare and pruning services for residential and commercial properties throughout O’Fallon, IL. To ensure the efficiency of our pruning services, we utilize commercial bucket trucks and high-end equipment designed to make precise cuts that increase healthy growth on your tree branches. Request our tree pruning services today to protect your property and nearby vegetation.

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Tree Removal
O'Fallon IL

Removing a tree from your land can be an aggressive process. It will require not only a team of experts but the proper equipment and techniques must be present to safely complete the process. A-Unlimited Tree Service is one of the top choices for tree removal in O’Fallon, IL due to our careful techniques and 25+ years of industry experience. Whether your tree has vertical cracks, dead branches, or you simply want it removed from your property, we find unique solutions to ensure the safety of each project. After an initial inspection, our team will provide a detailed procedure of how your tree will be removed and what equipment will be used in the process. Contact us today to schedule a tree removal service with our trained technicians.

Stump Grinding
O'Fallon IL

Not only do tree stumps ruin the visual appeal of your property, but they also pose a threat to your safety if not removed. One of our most popular services for residential properties in O’Fallon, IL is stump grinding. This differs from typical stump removal, where a large hole in left in your land where the tree and root system were located. Stump grinding, on the other hand, uses non-invasive technology that grinds your stump down using a circular saw until nothing but organic debris is left in its place. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, our stump grinding services are the perfect choice for homeowners that want their land kept intact while preventing tree growth from leftover roots. Contact our team today if you’re looking to rid your property of rotting stumps.

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Emergency Storm Damage
O'Fallon IL

Has your property been damaged by a fallen tree caused by a recent storm? A-Unlimited Tree Service is one of the only contractors in O’Fallon, IL that offer 24/7 emergency storm damage services when your home and landscape are littered with debris. From pruning and trimming broken branches to cleaning up branches and leaves from your yard, our team is the #1 choice for homeowners and commercial businesses when their trees are storm damaged. Our emergency services include salvaging any trees that are able to regrowth, inspecting the structural integrity of your tree’s root system, and offering complete removal services when uprooted. If your property has become damaged following a rain, wind, or snowstorm, contact our team for emergency storm damage assistance.