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For over two decades, A-Unlimited Tree Care has been a leading pick for tree maintenance in Trenton, IL. Throughout Southwestern Illinois, our qualified tree experts manage a wide range of services, from tree trimming and pruning to full tree removal and stump grinding projects. Not only will trimming and pruning enhance the look of your house, but it will also help to avoid possible hazards created by sick or injured trees. Due to our reasonable prices and exceptional customer service, A-Unlimited is the obvious option for residents and industrial companies looking for dependable tree care and emergency disposal services. Arrange an appointment with our qualified team to get a free estimate on your tree trimming or cleaning project.

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Tree Trimming
Trenton IL

When it comes to tree care, hiring a qualified tree trimming contractor can provide your property with several benefits. Although your trees may appear to be secure enough to withstand harsh weather, unkempt branches can break over time, weakening the tree’s structure and posing a risk to your family and neighboring residences. A-Unlimited Tree Service specializes in tree trimming for clients in Trenton, IL and nearby regions. We pride ourselves in using high-quality equipment and industry-approved procedures to trim your trees while removing vegetation that attracts bugs. Contact our team for tree trimming and seasonal tree care to guarantee the health of your trees in Southwestern Illinois.

Tree Pruning
Trenton IL

Tree pruning differs from standard trimming services in that it specializes in the removal and treatment of diseased and dying branches that are harming your tee’s health. To ensure new healthy growth, any sections of your tree that have been affected by illness must be removed by certified and experienced professionals. A-Unlimited Tree Service in Trenton, IL offers tree pruning services for both residential and commercial properties. We use advanced bucket trucks and cutting-edge equipment to make precise cuts that encourage healthy growth on your tree branches for long-term disease prevention. To ensure the lifespan of your trees, give us a call to schedule a pruning service and request a free estimate.

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Tree Removal
Trenton IL

Removing a tree from your property can be an invasive process. It will take not only a crew of experienced workers but it also requires heavy-duty tools, machinery, and industry-approved techniques to guarantee long-term safety. A-Unlimited Tree Service is one of the best choices for tree removal in Trenton, IL due to our safety procedures and 25+ years of industry experience. Whether your tree has vertical cracks, dead branches, or you merely want it removed from your property, we create solutions for each project to safely and efficiently remove overgrown trees. Following an initial inspection, our team will provide a detailed plan for removing your tree, including the instruments that will be used. Kindly call us as soon as possible to schedule a tree removal service with one of our skilled tree trimmers.

Stump Grinding
Trenton IL

Tree stumps not only distract from the curb appeal of your property, but if not removed, they can jeopardize your safety. One of our most frequent tree maintenance services in Trenton, IL is stump grinding following a tree removal service. Grinding a tree stump differs from traditional stump removal in that it employs non-invasive technology to remove the root system while leaving behind environmentally friendly debris that can promote grass development. Stump removal entails removing the stump in one piece, often leaving a large hole in its place and needing chemicals to kill off leftover roots. A-Unlimited Tree Care’s stump grinding services are perfect for residents who want to keep their property intact while preventing tree growth from residual roots. Contact our team right away if you want to get rid of rotting stumps on your property.

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Emergency Storm Damage
Trenton IL

Has a recent rain or windstorm caused damage to your property? Uprooted trees and broken limbs are common events during a severe Midwestern storm, wreaking havoc on your once-manicured property. A-Unlimited Tree Care is one of the few companies in Trenton, IL that offers 24-hour emergency storm damage services 24/7. When your trees are injured in a weather-related storm, our team is the best choice for immediate results; from pruning and removing broken limbs to cleaning up branches and leaves in your yard, we’re here to help reestablish the appearance and safety of your property. Our emergency services include inspecting the root system of your tree for structural safety and offering complete clearance services if your tree has been moved. If your property has been damaged by a hurricane, please contact our team right away for storm damage help.