Heavy tree trunks and branches that require tree cabling services on a residential property in Troy, IL.

What Are Tree Cabling Services & Do My Trees Need Them?

Tree maintenance is a lot of work, whether you’re talking about residential tree trimming or commercial tree trimming. If you have large trees you want to preserve or a Troy, IL, property you want to protect, here’s what you need to know about tree cabling services.

A fully grown tree in Troy, IL that has heavy branches and requires professional tree cabling services for support.

What Is Tree Cabling?

Tree cabling is a tree care technique that involves using a cable to connect a weaker branch to a stronger branch so it has the support it needs. This process is unique because the cables have some flexibility to them, which means tree limbs can still grow and move freely to some degree. Tree cabling is one of the most popular services offered by A-Unlimited Tree Service LLC. However, it’s important to keep in mind that cabling is a form of preventive maintenance, so you may be at a stage where you need tree removal services or pruning to take care of your tree problem.

Benefits of Tree Cabling Services

Every tree is a little bit different, and weak limbs are always a possibility. If you have trees around your property, you want to keep them in great shape for as long as possible. Not only do trees look better when you take care of them, but there’s also a lower risk of a tree falling or losing one of its large branches.

Cabling is especially important if you have a tree that has branches hanging over your home or garage. By supporting weaker limbs with stronger limbs, cabling allows you to reduce the risk of damage without having to worry about tree pruning. If you have a tree you want to have cabled, you can always give A-Unlimited Tree Service LLC a call at (618) 667-9885.

A dying tree in Troy, IL that is suffering from heavy branches and decaying bark that requires tree cables.

Do You Need Tree Cables?

Deciding whether or not you need tree cables can be tough. The truth of the matter is, it’s best to have a professional look at the trees on your property to decide what the best course of action is. If all the limbs on a tree look fairly sturdy, you might not need cables around your tree. If a tree is badly rotted and at risk of falling down, you may need to invest in tree removal services. Talking to a professional is the best way to determine the right solution for the trees around your Troy, IL, home, and A-Unlimited Tree Service LLC is here to help.

Get Help Today

If you want to keep your trees looking great and prevent property damage, tree cabling is a great way to shore up weaker branches. Even better, A-Unlimited Tree Service LLC has you covered if you’re in Troy, IL. If you need tree removal services, tree pruning, or tree cabling, contact A-Unlimited Tree Service LLC today.

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