A moss-covered tree stump in the wooded area of a residential home in Troy, IL that needs to be removed.

Why You Should Remove That Pesky Tree Stump

Did you just have a tree removed from your property in Troy, IL? While it may not have seemed like a big deal to have your local tree experts remove the stump, you may find now that tree stumps can be nuisances over time. If you have an unwanted stump on your property in Troy, IL, give our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service a call to remove the stump quickly and efficiently without damaging your yard. If appearance hasn’t convinced you to schedule that stump removal service, keep reading below to see why you should have it removed.

Tree Stumps Can Be Dangerous

One of the main reasons why you should have a tree stump removed from your yard is simply because they are dangerous. Depending on how low your tree was cut to the ground, not being able to see it due to overgrown grass or snow can create a hazardous walking or mowing environment if you are not careful. To avoid potential injury, our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service recommend having your stump removed as soon as possible. We offer reliable stump removal services in Troy, IL for residential and commercial properties so give us a call today!

Tree Stumps Can Turn Into New Trees

A small tree leaf growing in the center of a tree stump on the property of a homeowner in Troy, IL.

If you recently had a tree cut down on your property for safety or aesthetic reasons, the last thing you want is for a new tree to grow back in the same place. When you leave a stump in your yard, over time without removal, a new tree can begin to sprout from the same roots. A tree’s nutrients come from its roots, and since a tree stump is the leftover trunk and roots of a tree, it will surely grow back if not removed properly. Call A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL for quality stump removal services to prevent new tree growth on your property.

Tree Stumps Can Attract Pests

Pests are a nuisance that no homeowner wants on their property. If you have a tree stump in your yard, chances are it has quickly become a new home for pests in the surrounding area. Rotting stumps are the perfect place for ants, beetles, and termites to reside before making their way into or around your home. Don’t leave decaying tree stumps on your property in Troy, IL, call our stump removal experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service. We have years of experience removing trees and stumps from properties to avoid pest infestation.

Tree Stumps Take Over Your Yard

A tree stump in a residential yard in Troy, IL that needs to be removed to prevent pests and new trees from growing.

If you already do not have a spacious outdoor area, the last thing you want is for the space you do have to be taken over by a pesky tree stump. By having your stump removed by professional arborists, you will be surprised at how much yard space you gain afterward. Instead of having to work around a stump to plant a garden, have a fire pit, or even play with your animals and children, call our team today at 618.667.9885 to schedule a stump removal service. A-Unlimited Tree Service has years of experience removing stumps of all sizes from commercial and residential property in Troy, IL. Don’t let a tree stump control the use of your property, have it removed today!

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