A homeowner in Troy, IL wearing a camo jacket and using a red chainsaw to trim the limbs off a tree without mistakes.

6 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trimming Their Own Trees

Though you may not think of the trees in your yard as part of your lawn, they are. Tree trimming is an essential facet of lawn care that too many homeowners ignore, which can lead to mistakes. Healthy, attractive trees greatly enhance the beauty of any home and provide many green, eco-friendly benefits.

The Importance of Regular Tree Trimming

Tree care is vital for other reasons, as well. Regular pruning promotes robust tree growth through a healthy leaf canopy that can draw more energy from sunlight. Well-maintained trees significantly increase a home’s curb appeal and show that the homeowner pays attention to important details.

Removing damaged tree limbs also prevents insect infestation by eliminating possible habitats for common pests like termites or wood-boring beetles. Keeping trees healthy avoids the expense of caring for dying or dead trees, including the considerable cost of tree removal.

There’s also a safety concern. Troy, IL, has typically windy weather from mid-October through late May, and dead tree limbs dislodged by high winds are a common source of damage to windows and roofing. An expert should assess any potential risks. A-Unlimited Tree Service can send a skilled and highly trained arborist to evaluate your trees and help keep you and your property safe and looking its best.

Not Just Pruning: Six Common Mistakes

While it may seem like a straightforward job, proper tree care requires more skill than you might at first assume. Here are the six most common mistakes to avoid when trimming your trees.

#1 Over-Pruning

Pruning too much at one time can harm the tree’s health. Over-pruning can leave trees vulnerable to disease and insect infestation and reduce the tree’s ability to absorb sunlight and other nutrients. It’s best to prune a little at a time, focusing on removing dead or damaged branches while trying to remove only minimal amounts of foliage.

#2 Proper Tree Trimming Techniques

Not following proper pruning techniques can do more harm than good. Make sure to do your homework or call on professional expertise for the best results. In Troy, IL, or anywhere in the Tri-Township area, contact A-Unlimited Tree Service at  618.667.9885 with any questions.

#3 Safety and Protective Equipment

Many people don’t realize the importance of wearing adequate safety gear when trimming trees. Protective gear such as safety glasses, hard hats, and gloves are critical. Not wearing protective equipment can result in serious injury.

#4 Proper Cleanup

Performing tree maintenance always results in a certain amount of debris, such as leaves and branches. Prompt removal of this material helps minimize any risk of insect infestation and ensures the continued health and beauty of the tree.

#5 The Right Tool for the Job

Just as improper tree trimming techniques can damage a tree, so can using the wrong tool. Using tools that have been well-maintained and are suitable for the job at hand is essential to avoid injury and protect the health of a tree.

#6 Knowing When to Get Professional Tree Care

Tree trimming is a significant job that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it’s good to know when to get professional help. If you have any concerns about whether a tree trimming job is too much for you to handle, contact A-Unlimited Tree Service with any questions. Our mission is to help our customers preserve the health, beauty, and safety of any trees on their property.

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