A homeowner using a chainsaw to cut the branches off of their residential property in Belleville, IL that are overgrown.

Is There a Wrong Way to Trim a Tree?

Trees can add a timeless, elegant aesthetic to any residential or commercial property—especially when they’ve been trimmed and pruned correctly. Unfortunately, taking care of these majestic beauties may seem overwhelming for many homeowners. However, expert tree trimming services are available to ensure your trees remain healthy and attractive. With A-Unlimited Tree Service in Belleville, IL offering high-quality trimming techniques and maintenance advice—you don’t have to worry about ruining your precious plants anymore. So, is there a wrong way to trim a tree? Let’s dive into some tips on how best to maintain the look of that stunning vegetation without damaging it.

Trimming Basics

Most of us are familiar with basic tree care practices—such as pruning long branches. This is crucial to maintaining the health of a tree and should be done regularly. Punning helps remove dead and damaged branches, shape trees into desired forms, and promote healthy new growth. But, when it comes to pruning—it’s essential to take the right approach.

Incorrect Pruning Practices

Proper pruning requires skill and knowledge to get it right. Indeed, mistakes can cause damage to trees and even reduce their lifespan if done incorrectly. Some wrong approaches include topping, over-trimming, removing too many leaves or branches, and cutting at incorrect angles. All of these can result in weakening the tree’s structure and causing disease or pest infestations.

Topping is among the worst things you can do. This is when large branches are cut off near the top of a tree without proper guidance. It removes most of the tree’s foliage, leaving it vulnerable to wind damage and sunburn. 

It’s important to remember that removing too much of a tree’s leaves or branches can cause stress and affect its growth. As such, ensuring no more than one-third of a tree is pruned at any given time is vital.

The most common mistake when pruning trees is cutting at incorrect angles. Ultimately, this can leave stubs—which are open wounds—that invite pests and disease into the tree’s core structure. Instead, pruning cuts should be made outside the branch collar, leaving a slight angle on each side.

Hire an Arborist for Tree Pruning

Tree maintenance is a specialized skill; hence, it can be hazardous without proper knowledge and equipment. Don’t risk injury—allow the arborists at A-Unlimited Tree Service to care for your pruning needs with expert precision using ladders, pole pruners, and tree saws designed for this task.

The Right Way to Trim a Tree with A-Unlimited Tree Service

Whether you’re searching for tree removal OR lawn care services—A-Unlimited Tree Service can help. Our Belleville, IL, team has the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure your trees look their best. We appreciate the significance of correct pruning and take great care with each job.

We also provide additional tree services such as land and lot clearing, stump grinding, tree risk assessment, and more. No matter what your trees need, our experts are here to help. To learn more about our services or get a free estimate, contact us at 618.667.9885 or visit our website to find out more.

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