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  • Edwardsville IL Tree Care: What To Do When Your Tree Gets Struck By Lightning

    So, you have a tree on your Edwardsville, Illinois property that was struck by lightning. What do you do with it now that it has damage? Knowing how to deal with an unfortunate situation involving lightning is ideal. It helps you prevent further issues from occurring that could potentially cause more damage to your property or even hurt someone passing under the tree by foot or vehicle. A Tree [...]

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    Collinsville IL Tree Care: Why are my oak leaves turning brown?

    Tree care is something that all Collinsville, IL home, and business owners need. It maintains the health of the trees on a piece of property and prevents the trunk and branches from rotting and causing an accident. It's a liability to have dead and dying trees in a yard. If they were to topple and fall onto someone, the weight of the tree could hurt the person very badly. If you notice brown [...]

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