Tree with green and yellow decaying leaves due to disease on a residential home in Edwardsville, IL.

Edwardsville Illinois: Types of Tree Diseases to Look Out For

Have you been noticing a change in your tree’s health? Are there brown or yellow spots sprouting on the leaves and branches? This is a sign that your tree or bushes may be suffering from a disease. There are many reasons as to why your tree could be infected with a treatable disease, however, the only way to truly restore your trees to health is by calling your local tree care experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Edwardsville, IL. We have years of experience when it comes to identifying the symptoms of various tree diseases in the area and treating them accordingly. Give our shop a call today and ask about our FREE estimates on any treatment or care services for your home or business’s trees. Keep reading below to learn about the top 4 tree diseases in Madison County.


Anthracnose is one of the most common diseases among trees such as ash, oak, and sycamore, while also affecting small to large shrubs as well. This disease causes leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits to become slightly dark in color while being covered in thick brown or yellow spots indicating a fungal issue. These diseases spread much quicker when being exposed to water, so before watering your trees or a major storm, be sure to call your local tree care experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Edwardsville, IL to rid your tree of anthracnose and restore it to health.

Decaying apple tree with apple scab disease on a residential property in Edwardsville, ILApple Scab

There is nothing more satisfying than grabbing a deliciously ripe apple from your apple tree, however, some are covered in brown spots – what exactly does this mean? Well, this is a sure sign that your apple or crab apple tree is suffering from a tree disease known as apple scab. Apple scab is a fungus that takes over your fruit trees, covering the leaves, branches, and fruit in dark brown or black spots that look deformed. Thankfully, this fungal disease is easily treated and can be cured with a variety of chemical treatments in the summer months. Contact A-Unlimited Tree Service in Edwardsville, IL today for expert tree care services.

Canker Diseases

If your pine, poplar, spruce, or willow tree looks as though there are dark red or black lumps on the trunk and branches it may be suffering from one of many canker diseases. One of the easiest ways for your trees to develop a canker disease is when they are stressed due to weather conditioning, pests, or if they have been trimmed incorrectly, leaving an open wound to become vulnerable to nature. Canker diseases block off nutrients to the tree, quickly killing the entire tree if not treated quickly enough. Our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Edwardsville, IL know exactly what to do when your trees are ridden with a canker disease. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

Tree branch and leaves covered in fire blight tree disease on a residential property in Edwardsville, IL.Fire Blight

Fire blight is an easy-to-spot disease that makes the leaves and branches on a tree look as though they have been scorched by fire. The leaves on the tree will wilt and curl inward sometimes turning a black or dark red color and traveling up the branches. This tree disease is most active in the warm spring and summer months on fruit trees where the temperature is high, and the air is moist. To get rid of fire blight from your trees, call A-Unlimited Tree Service in Edwardsville, IL at (618) 667-9885. We perform the best pruning and disease treatment services in Madison County.


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