Tree removal expert in a safety harness and orange helmet using an orange chainsaw to cut down a decaying tree in Troy, IL

When To Invest in Tree Removal Services in Troy, Illinois

Trees are some of the most beautiful structures of nature, so when the tree on your property begins to decay, it raises a major concern. If you are noticing fallen and decaying branches, brown-spotted leaves, or large cracks in the trunk of your tree, there may be an issue that results in having the tree removed. Before jumping to conclusions, call the experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in the Troy, IL area. We have over 25 years of experience in the tree removal and tree care industry and can identify and solve any issue your tree may be having. Keep reading below for more information on when it would be necessary to remove your damaged or decaying tree.

Trunk Damage

Tree removal is always a last resort option when it comes to our tree care services, however, a damaged trunk is one of the sure signs that tree removal is the only option. Vertical cracks, dead branches, or other wounds on the trunk of your tree can suggest internal decay, weakening your tree over months or years. If you have noticed any large cracks or weakening branches on your tree in Troy, IL, call the licensed arborists at A-Unlimited Tree Service. We offer a variety of tree care and tree removal services to residential homes in the area!

The Tree is Hollow

Professional tree trimming company cutting down a dead and hollow tree from a residential property in Troy, IL.

One of the main reasons why your tree would need to be removed is due to the hollowness of your tree’s trunk. While many trees can survive with hollow trunks due to their support tissue being located on the outer edges of the tree, the issue of your tree not having the strength to stay upright is what makes it a hazard. If our arborists recognize that at least one-third of your tree is hollow or rotten, we will likely decide that the safest solution would be to remove the tree entirely. Call our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL today for affordable tree removal services.

Dead Branches

If your tree has been damaged due to harsh weather conditions or improper maintenance and is suffering from large dead branches, it may be necessary to have your tree removed. Dead limbs are an accident waiting to happen and can injure you, your home, or others if not taken care of quickly enough. If you are unsure of the health of your tree, we recommend having it inspected by one of our licensed arborists at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL.

Sprouts Coming from the Base of the Tree

Tan fungus growing on the side of a decaying tree trunk on a residential property in Troy, IL

It is never a good sign to find fungus or sprouts growing on the trunk of your tree. Any sort of bacteria growth is a response to your tree suffering from severe stress, whether that is caused by infection of pests or the general deterioration of the tree itself. Depending on how infected your tree is, it is likely that to protect your surrounding trees, bushes, and plants, your decaying tree will need to be removed from your property. Thankfully, our tree experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service have over 25 years of experience removing infected trees from homes throughout the Troy, IL area.

Call our shop today at (618) 667-9885 for quality tree removal services from our experts at A-Unlimited.

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