Decaying green leaves covered in brown spots on a residential tree in Glen Carbon, IL.

Why Are My Tree’s Leaves Turning Brown?

Browning leaves on your trees are most common in the fall and early winter months while the seasons are changing and your trees get ready for winter weather. Thankfully, this is not always a sign that your tree is decaying, so then why do leaves turn brown? And what if they turn brown in the spring and summer? Our specialists at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Glen Carbon, IL have put together a list of reasons as to why your leaves could be turning brown unexpectedly. Keep reading below to learn more and call our shop for information on how to schedule an inspection on your trees this spring! Trust in our tree care services!

Disease or Pests

One of the most common reasons as to why the leaves on your tree are turning brown is due to pests or an underlying disease. Just like humans and animals, trees can get sick or die if infected with an untreated disease or poisonous pest. Oftentimes homeowners do not realize that their trees are sick until it is too late or has affected a large portion of the trunk and branches. If your tree is infested or disease-ridden, call A-Unlimited Tree Service in Glen Carbon, IL, we know just the trick to cure your tree and restore it to health.

Overexposure to Sunlight

Brown and decaying bush on a residential property in Glen Carbon, IL due to overexposure to sunlight.

This may be surprising, but too much sunlight can be a bad thing for your trees, especially in the spring and summer months. If your tree is placed in a position under the direct heat of the sun for multiple hours of the day, the leaves can begin to brown or rot, otherwise known as “leaf scorch”. However, leaf scorch can also form due to other underlying factors including overfertilization, root damage, or even strong winds. For professional tree care, call A-Unlimited Tree Service in Glen Carbon, IL and our expert arborists will restore your tree as quickly and efficiently as possible.


One of the main causes for the leaves on your tree turning brown is simply due to dehydration. While the roots and soil below your tree can hold vast amounts of water for an extended period, without a proper water cycle, your tree can become easily dehydrated in the hot summer months and begin to decay. While it may not be possible for you to water your tree multiple times a day with gallons of water a time, our arborists at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Glen Carbon, IL are here to suggest a water irrigation system to accurately and regularly water your trees to prevent browning leaves and trunk decay.

Frost Damage

An almost bare tree with brown leaves in the spring due to frost damage in Glen Carbon, IL.

We all know that winters in the Glen Carbon, IL area can be brutal, and during these cold months, the branches on your trees can easily suffer from frost damage. Frost damage is most noticeable in the springtime when leaves and flower buds begin to grow. You’ll notice immediately that the leaves on your freshly thawed trees are turning brown immediately and taking longer to sprout than normal. While many trees recover from frost damage on their own, some can brow fungus due to the moist conditions and continue to decay. Call A-Unlimited Tree Service at (618) 667-9885 in Glen Carbon for quality tree care, IL and we will come and inspect your tree to ensure its prolonged health.

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