Tree service specialists in Troy, IL providing recommended tree services to prepare a tree for tornado season.

How to Prepare Your Trees for a Tornado

Without the necessary tree services, your tree can cause great damage during a tornado storm. That is why it is important to hire routine maintenance services to keep your tree in great shape, especially during tornado season. By keeping up with tree maintenance year-round, you help protect your home during a tornado or severe weather. Listed below are four ways we can help you prepare your trees for harsh weather conditions like tornadoes. Call us at (618) 581-4470 for a free estimate!

Pruning Your Trees

Damaged or dead limbs can be hazardous to your home or property during a storm if they are not removed. Pruning has many benefits to the health and wellbeing of your tree, but it also helps remove parts of the tree that will easily come down and destroy windows or roofing during a tornado storm. If you do not know how to prune your tree yourself, our trained team at A-Unlimited Tree Service LLC can provide our dependable pruning tree service.

Inspecting the Roots

Fallen tree due to bad roots that required care from an arborist in Troy, Illinois

To avoid severe damage from a fallen tree due to a tornado or severe storm, the roots of your tree must be routinely inspected. Having a professional arborist routinely treat and manage the health of your trees can strengthen and deepen your trees’ roots system. A deeper and healthier root system will help your tree stay in the ground during the harshest winds. Our arborist is trained and educated to provide the best possible care.

Shaping Future Growth

If tree limbs or branches grow at an awkward angle, this can increase the risk that damages will occur during a tornado storm. To reduce your chances of needing a storm cleaning up service, you can shape your tree for future growth. Our arborist can shape your tree with the help of steel cables and bolts to ensure your tree grows in a healthy and safe direction. This can also help bound your branches so that they do not break during a storm.

Installing Lightning Protection

Tree damaged by lightning. Have a tree specialist install a lightning protection unit for your trees in Troy, Illinois.

Lightning can come out of nowhere and take a tree down in an instant. To prevent a tree from falling on your home or property, you can have a professional install a lightning protection system for your trees. With the help of a copper conducting unit that’s connected to a grounding rod, your trees can be safe from the dangers of lightning. The system can draw the electrical surge into the ground protecting your tress and your home.

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