A beautiful Elm tree taken from underneath, showing it’s yellow-green crown of leaves.

The Benefits of Tree Crown Reduction

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is a tree crown reduction? Well, similar to tree trimming and pruning, tree crown reduction is the process of selectively choosing branches to remove as a way of decreasing the spread and height of the tree’s crown. While it may seem like the bigger the tree, the better, often very large trees that expand dozens of feet can become subject to outside elements that can affect the health and safety of your trees. At A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL, we provide tree crown reduction services to residential and commercial properties in need. Give us a call today or keep reading below to learn about the benefits of our tree reduction services.

Improves the Look of Your Tree

One of the main benefits for homeowners when investing in a tree crown reduction service is the improved look of your tree when complete. Sometimes, trees can have minds of their own, extending their limbs way beyond their capabilities, making them unsafe for homeowners and properties over time. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, our team and arborist will help to remove the proper branches necessary to restore the safety of your property while also improving the look of your tree. If you’re tired of looking at sprawling branches that hang every which way on your property, give us a call today and our team will help you schedule a tree crown reduction service.

Protects Your Tree Against Pests

Bright green tree leaves covered in pests due to unhealthy tree branches and in need of a tree crown reduction in Troy, IL.

Let’s face it, pests are everywhere, and it’s almost impossible to avoid bugs and critters of all kinds from making a permanent home in your trees. However, with a lack of maintenance, pests can become a serious issue that not only makes your trees look bad but can completely decay without professional interference. Trust A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL to inspect and perform expert tree crown reduction services on your trees to eliminate and prevent pests from infesting your property’s trees. We have years of experience removing branches and pests from residential and commercial trees, so give us a call today and schedule your first appointment!

Protects Your Tree From Diseases

A tree crown reduction not only protects your trees from pests but also helps to reduce the disease that can easily be spread from branch to branch. Many different types of fungi are attracted to large growing trees, as they have ample room to spread their harmful toxins and sustain themselves while destroying your tree. By investing in a tree crown reduction service from A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL, our team will be able to inspect and carefully remove the tree branches that are the most disease-infested to prevent further damage from taking place. Protect the health and stability of your trees when you give us a call at (618) 667-9885.

Prevents Damage to Your Property

A large tree that fell into a residential home in Troy, IL due to a lack of tree trimming and tree crown reduction services.

One of the most important benefits of investing in a crown reduction service is the protection it provides for your property. Often when trees start to becoming overbearingly big, their branches and heavy top weight can cause them to sway in high winds and become unstable. When this happens, your tree is at high risk of toppling over and destroying your home or property. Don’t wait until it’s too late, give our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL a call today for reliable tree crown reduction services at your earliest convenience.

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