A residential home in Troy, IL in the winter with a property and adult tree covered in inches of snow and needing tree care services.

How to Properly Care for Your Trees in the Winter

It may not seem like it, but winter can prove to be detrimental for trees if they are not prepped and taken care of throughout the season. If you are noticing year after year that your trees are not looking as healthy or full as they use to in the spring, it could be due to a lack of winter routine to keep them safe. Keep reading below for expert tips on how to keep your trees properly cared for in the winter from our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL.


Winter is the best time for pruning your trees since the growth of their budding flowers and leaves are not hindered and the limbs are not exposed to insects and disease. If you notice that there are dying branches on your tree or some are hanging too low to your home, our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL are here to offer quality pruning services. Pruning must be done by a professional arborist, especially if your trees are fully mature.

Residential trees being covered with green tree netting to keep them from harm throughout the winter in Troy, IL.

Cover Vulnerable Trees

You may have seen other homeowners covering their young trees in the late fall and early winter and wondered how that could benefit them in the cold weather. In fact, covering trees is highly recommended for young trees to prevent their branches and trunks from becoming unstable and fragile in cold weather. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we offer a variety of tree care services including covers to ensure the safety and health of your trees in Troy, IL. Prepare your young trees this winter and invest in affordable covers from our shop.


Most homeowners don’t think of mulching around their trees in the winter, however, our tree care experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL always recommend mulching before the first snowfall. Start by covering the soil with 3-5 inches of mulch that starts at the base of the trunk and extended more than 3 feet each way, creating a perfect circle around the tree. This helps ensure the soil does not freeze in the winter, allowing water from melted snow to seep through the mulch and hydrate the roots.

A homeowner using a metal bucket to water their bushes and small trees to keep them hydrated throughout the winter in Troy, IL.

No Rain? Keep Hydrated!

During the winter months, rain is scarce, which means that if your trees do not receive enough water by the time the ground freezes, it could have a major effect on their health. If you have young trees on your property, they must be watered every 1-2 weeks with about 10-15 gallons at a time to keep them hydrated all season long. For mature trees, they only need to be watered once every month or every other month with also 10-15 gallons of water. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, our tree care experts provide watering services for your trees to ensure they are properly cared for before the first snow. Contact us today at (618) 667-9885 to schedule a maintenance service at your property in Troy, IL.

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