An image of a tree that has full leaves on half of the tree and dead leaves on the other half to signify a dying tree in Granite City, IL.

Steps Should You Take When Your Tree is Dying

The trees on your property have been there much longer than you or even your home has, so it has become accustomed to the environment and adjusted to the conditions to thrive in the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, there are cases where bacteria from animals, pests, or fungi can contaminate your tree, stunting its growth and causing it to deteriorate. If you notice that your tree hasn’t been sprouting beautiful green leaves like it used to or is looking unwell, call A-Unlimited Tree Service in Granite City, IL. We specialize in reviving your infected or dying trees. Keep reading to learn more about our step-by-step process on how to care for a dying tree.

Identify the Signs

In the initial inspection, our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service thoroughly look at every part of your tree from the top branches to the base of the trunk. What we are looking for is any indication of stress, infection, pest infestation, and lack of maintenance that could cause your tree to become unwell. Common signs that your tree may be dying or already dead are a bent or bowed structure, cracks in the trunk, obvious decay, dried wood, and little to no leaves.

Find the Source of the Issue

A tree care expert in a yellow hazard vest inspecting a dying tree on a residential property in Granite City, IL.

After identifying that your tree is unhealthy, the next step for our tree care specialists is to find the source of the issue. What is causing your tree to die? Lack of water? Too much mulch or toxic soil? A fungal infection? To identify the cause of your dying tree, our team and a professional arborist will conduct a variety of inspections and tests to get to the bottom of the issue. At A-Unlimited Tree Service in Granite City, IL, we always recommend reaching out to your local arborist for proper guidance on how to care for your trees. Schedule a service with our experts when you call 618.667.9885.

Find Solution

Solutions are our specialty at A-Unlimited Tree Service. After inspecting and finding the cause of your tree’s deteriorating health, our experts work together to find the perfect solution to restore your tree to its former glory. We begin by educating our homeowners in Granite City, IL on the proper watering and maintenance care that is required and then provide everything from an eco-friendly chemical to pruning and constant monitoring to save your tree. Our team will offer the best solution based on your tree’s condition – so count on us by calling to schedule an appointment today.

Keep Up On Maintenance

A tree care expert using a chainsaw to trim the branches off a dead tree from a residential property in Granite City, IL.

Once our arborist has found the source of the issue and begun the healing tactics, it’s important to continue maintaining your trees, even in the dormant months of late fall and winter. While the disease may be cured after proper treatment, not keeping up with pruning, watering, mulching, and other maintenance services will only create reoccurring problems until your tree needs to be removed entirely. Call our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Granite City, IL for reliable tree care and disease treatment services.

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