A large tree on a residential property in Granite City, IL that needs to be trimmed by a professional tree trimmer.

4 Signs Your Trees Need to Be Trimmed

Tree trimming is a service that every homeowner will need to invest in to keep their trees healthy and thriving for years to come. If your trees have not been maintained properly, signs of decreased health will start to show – know what to look for when your tree isn’t looking as strong as it used to. Our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Granite City, IL has put together a list with the top 4 signs that your trees need to be trimmed so that you know who and when to call when you need our help. Keep reading below!

Your Tree is Showing Stress

There are multiple ways that your tree can show stress. From low-hanging branches and lack of water to splits in branches and trunks, stress is one of the first indicators that your tree needs to be trimmed by our professionals at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Granite City, IL. When your tree is under stress, it’s only a matter of time before it can no longer safely reside on your property and must be removed. Avoid having to remove a beautiful tree from your yard and call our team today to conduct an inspection and tree trimming service on your stressed tree.

Your Tree Has Developed a Disease

A professional tree care specialist spraying an eco-friendly chemical on tree leaves that have a disease in Granite City, IL.

If you notice black spots on the leaves of your tree or mushrooms growing around the base, this could be a sign that your tree has developed a disease. If this is the case, it’s important to have the infected branches trimmed immediately to prevent the disease from spreading and harming the rest of your tree. At A-Unlimited Tree Service in Granite City, IL, we specialize in tree trimming services for trees suffering from a disease. Our team will make sure to properly dispose of any debris to ensure the health and safety of your surrounding plants.

There Are Multiple Broken Branches

Are there branches lying at the base of your tree? Have you been noticing cracks forming in your low-hanging branches? This is a sign that your tree is supporting far more weight than normal, causing the branches to bow and eventually break off entirely. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, our Granite City, IL team recommends scheduling a tree trimming service to remove any unnecessary weight off of your tree to keep it thriving all season long. Don’t wait until a falling branch causes injury to your home or family, call our team today to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Your Branches Are Over Power Lines

An arborist from a professional tree care company in a bucket truck trimming a tree on a residential property in Granite City, IL.

Branches that are hanging over power lines are extremely dangerous for both the tree and your property. One broken branch over the electrical lines and not only is the whole block going to be out of power, but it causes an unsafe environment for those nearby and must be dealt with by professionals. Thankfully, A-Unlimited Tree Service in Granite City, IL specializes in tree trimming services over power lines before it’s too late. If you notice that your tree is getting dangerously close to nearby power lines, give us a call at 618.667.9885 to schedule an appointment right away.

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