A tree that has been uprooted due to disease or a weather condition on a residential property in Highland, IL that needs to be removed by professionals.

Ways to Dispose of a Fallen or Dying Tree

If your tree has fallen due to harsh weather conditions or simply because it has been decaying from disease, there are better ways to make use of your trees than simply having them removed from your property. Our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL has put together a list of the few most common ways homeowners in the Midwest are making use of their fallen trees. Give us a call to schedule a tree removal service or keep reading below to get the most out of quality wood.


Firewood is the number one way homeowners like to dispose of their fallen or dying trees. Whether you have a wood-burning fireplace or a fit pit in the backyard, firewood is a great way to make use of your once-standing tree. Firewood can be expensive, even in small bundles, so why waste perfectly good wood when you can stock up for fall and winter fires. At A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL our experts are here to help turn your fallen or removed tree into the perfect bundles of firewood for your home. Contact us today to learn more!


A beautiful wooden porch attached to a residential home that has been built from the wood of a fallen tree in Highland, IL.

Using your fallen trees for landscaping is a great way to make use of good, quality wood! At A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL, we will cut up your fallen tree into the perfect logs that can be turned into décor for your garden or a comfy seating bench to place around your fire. Keeping your fallen tree untouched or turned not a pile of brush can create the perfect environment for pests to thrive. Don’t let your fallen tree go to waste – turn the wood into a statement piece for your property. You may even have enough wood to build a beautiful porch for your backyard! Contact us today for tree removal services.


Turning your trees into lumber is the easiest way to have years’ worth of quality wood for your DIY construction projects. If your fallen tree is walnut, cherry, or redwood, these species are fairly pricy in stores due to their popularity in the furniture industry. Don’t throw away or shred your high-quality trees, have our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service turn your uprooted tree into the perfect source of lumber for your upcoming builds. Not sure if your tree holds value as lumber? Give us a call today to schedule an inspection and professional advice on the quality lumber your tree is capable of becoming.


A tree care professional removing the branches from a fallen or dying tree on a residential property in Highland, IL.

If you have no use for firewood, lumber, or additional landscaping décor, it’s important to have your fallen or disease-ridden tree removed from your property as soon as possible. Regardless of the size of your property or trees, having a damaged tree on your land can be dangerous to navigate. When you decide to have your tree removed, give our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL a call at 618.667.9885. We specialize in tree removal and brush removal services for fallen or dying trees in southern Illinois. With every one of our tree removals services, we offer free estimates to our customers!

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