A cluster of tree leaves covered in spots that indicate disease and need to be treated by professional tree care experts in Highland, IL.

Top 3 Tree Diseases & How to Treat Them

Are you noticing discoloration in your tree’s leaves? Have your branches been looking a little droopy lately Your tree may be suffering from a curable disease? Thankfully, our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL has provided a list of the most common diseases your trees could be suffering from and ways you can treat them with help from our professionals. Keep reading below to learn more and don’t forget to call us to schedule your first inspection and tree treatment service.

Tar Spot

Tar spot is a fungal disease that is fairly common in trees in the Highland, IL area. While they are mostly found on maple trees in the spring and summer months, these yellow blotches and black spots can occur on the leaves of many trees in the Midwest. Thankfully, these spots are not life-threatening to the health of your tree and are often just a cosmetic issue that homeowners want to eliminate. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we recommend investing in pruning or tree trimming services to remove the branches that are affected, and your tree should return to full health.

Powdery Mildew

A green leaf covered in a disease called powdery mildew that needs to be treated by a professional tree expert in Highland, IL.

Powdery mildew is, like Tar spot, a fungal infection, but can be identified not as spots, but as a white, powdery substance that forms on the surface of your tree’s leaves. They resemble sore spots and unfortunately cannot be scraped or wiped off of the surface once infected. While your tree is not in danger of needing to be removed, when left unattended for multiple seasons, can create untreatable damage to your trees. Our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL recommends pruning your tree as well as nearby trees to prevent the infection from spreading, as well as avoiding overhead watering if your tree is not yet fully grown.

Leaf Spot

Leaf spot is one of the most common diseases that can harm your trees in Highland, IL. It is a condition that covers your tree’s leaves in black and brown spots, weakening the photosynthesis that takes place and making your tree look ill. While this is not a disease that requires you to take down your tree entirely, our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service do recommend investing in pruning services on the affected branches to stop the disease from spreading. To check your tree for leaf spots, simply examine the leaves on low-hanging branches. If you find reoccurring dark spots, give our team a call for an inspection and trimming service in Highland, IL.

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A tree expert providing a tree risk assessment to a residential tree that may be carrying disease in Highland, IL.

Whether your tree has a severe disease or a non-threatening illness that can be treated with the proper techniques, contacting professional tree care experts to examine and treat your tree is the best way to ensure its future health. Our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Highland, IL specializes in identifying diseases on your residential trees and providing an array of treatment options to keep your plants and trees healthy. Contact us at 618.667.9885 to schedule an initial inspection and get a free estimate on any needed

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