A residential yard in Edwardsville, IL with thriving flowers, bushes, and trees to bring diversity to the property in the summer.

The Importance of Tree Diversity for Your Yard

Whether you’re just starting a garden or looking to increase the curb appeal of your property, adding trees and plants is the perfect way to promote tree diversity while bringing your property to life. Our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Edwardsville, IL has put together a list of reasons why you should diversify your yard this spring and summer. For help with choosing the perfect trees, shrubs, and plants for your yard, contact us today and receive a free estimate on your next landscaping or tree care service.

Pest Control

Pests are enemies to homeowners, especially those looking to improve their landscaping, however, we have an easy solution to deterring pests from your yard – more diverse tree species! It may be hard to believe that more trees and plants are a cure for pests, however, certain trees are known to deter certain insects, keeping them away from your property while having beautiful trees improve your curb appeal. If you’re needing help controlling pests on your property in Edwardsville, IL, our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service is here to help. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection.

Disease Prevention

A beautiful and healthy garden area on a residential property in Edwardsville, IL that is promoting tree and plant diversity in their yard.

No homeowner wants their trees riddled with disease, but very few are willing to do the work necessary to prevent the disease from overtaking their plants. Having a diverse property of plants, trees, and bushes is one of the easiest ways to ensure disease never threatens your property. A lack of biodiversity can quicken the spread of disease among your plants, so the less of a certain plant or tree on your property, the less overall devastation that takes place. A-Unlimited Tree Service works with our clients in Edwardsville, IL to choose specific plants when landscaping a property to promote diversity and prevent disease.

Promotes a Balanced Ecosystem

Having a diversity of trees and plants in your yard is great because it helps to promote a balanced ecosystem. You may be wondering, why is a balanced ecosystem important for my residential yard? Believe it or not, some of the pesky insects that you may try so hard to get rid of are actually beneficial to the health of your trees, and without them, could become susceptible to disease and infestation. Our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Edwardsville, IL help promote balanced ecosystems for homes in the area through our inspection services.

Improves Wildlife Habitats

A close-up image of a mother bird feeding her young in a healthy tree on a residential property in Edwardsville, IL, thanks to tree diversity.

We know that you put all your time and effort into making your property look its best year-round, so the last thing you want is to let your trees and plants be overtaken by critters. However, birds and other wildlife common to Edwardsville, IL require heavily diverse habitats to survive – by having tree diversity in your yard, you are not only improving the look and feel of your property, but you are making permanent homes for local wildlife. If you need help making an impact on wildlife near your home, call A-Unlimited Tree Service at (618) 667-9885. We offer a variety of tree trimming, tree removal, and landscaping services to locals year-round.

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