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Tree Service Steps to Identify the Age of Your Tree

Everyone knows that to determine the age of a tree you count the interior rings. However, what do you do when you want to know the age of your tree but don’t want it cut down? There are a few options but some can be damaging to your tree. The most noninvasive technique of calculating how old a tree is was developed by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) which only requires a few simple measures and calculations. Our experienced arborist at A-Unlimited Tree Service can use this technique to help you learn just how old your tree is. So what does this entail?

Step 1: Measure the Circumference

Arborist in Glen Carbon, IL calculating the circumference and diameter of a tree to determine its age.

The first step is to measure the circumference of a tree trunk. This is done by using a measuring tape that measures in inches and feet. For this to work, you should measure at about 4.5 feet above the ground. For specialists, this step is considered the DBH or Diameter at Breast Height. Our arborist can figure out the DBH of your tree to help calculate its age. You can call us at (618) 677- 9885 to schedule an appointment with our arborist.

Step 2: Find the Diameter

Once the circumference is measured, the next step is to calculate the diameter. The formula is pretty simple and just requires dividing the circumference by pi π (3.14159). For example, if a tree has a circumference of 70 inches, the equation would be:

  • Diameter = Circumference ÷ π
  • Diameter = 70 inches ÷ 3.14159
  • Diameter = 22.2817 inches

Don’t worry, if you are not a math wiz, our arborist would do the math for you as a part of our service.

Step 3: Growth Factor

This is where our experts really shine. Step three includes multiplying the diameter of the tree by the growth factor as determined by species. Our arborists are licensed and experienced experts that can identify the species of your tree. It is also important to know the climate of the area and understand how that climate can affect the growth of that tree species. The same species can grow differently in moist climates compared to dry climates. Unless you are a skilled arborist, this step can result in inaccurate results. That is why if you want correct results, you contact A-Unlimited Tree Service to help you determine the age of your tree.

To Find An Exact Age – Cut it Down!

Tree rings that can be counted by an arboristin Glen Carbon, IL to determine the age of a tree.

Lastly, the easiest way to find the exact age of a tree is to cut it down. If you need to create more space in your yard, you have old, or maybe even diseased trees, our trained tree specialists can remove your trees. While we are at it we can help you determine the age of the tree by counting the rings. When counting rings, you start in the middle of the stump and count the first dark ring you see. Then you just continue to count outwards until you reach the last dark ring. Once you have the number of dark rings, that is how many years your tree has been around.

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