A fallen tree in a large open space on a residential property in Collinsville, IL due to pests or disease.

How Can I Tell When My Tree Is About to Fall?

Trees are some of the most long-lasting structures in the world. Lasting for hundreds of years, trees are meant to thrive on what mother nature provides, however, if the conditions of your trees are not maintained, their health can rapidly decline. Everything from pests and disease to a severe lack of water and soil nutrients can affect the stability of your trees. Prevent your tree from falling and creating damage to your property and home by calling A-Unlimited Tree Service in Collinsville, IL. We help homeowners identify warning signs their trees are possessing to prevent unnecessary tree removal. Keep reading below to learn more about how to spot when your tree is in danger of falling.

Dead Branches

One of the easiest ways to tell that your tree is unstable and in danger of falling is if it has any dead branches on or around the tree. When the branches of a tree have died, it is no longer able to support the health and growth of leaves, making the overall structure unhealthy and unstable. Don’t wait for the next heavy storm to knock down your decaying tree, trust the experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Collinsville, IL. We have years of experience identifying trees that are on the verge of falling. If you notice any dead branches on your tree, give us a call today.

A hollow hole in the middle of a tree trunk that is unstable and ready to fall on a property in Collinsville, IL.

Hollow Spots in Trunk

It may seem like hollow spots in trees are not a major concern, however, these holes are commonly known as tree cavities. Just like we get cavities when not taking care of our teeth, trees are no different and can form hollow cavities in their trunks, making them weak and unstable. If you notice that your trees are forming decaying holes, this could be a sign that your tree is at risk of falling. Don’t worry, our arborist at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Collinsville, IL is here to help. We offer a variety of tree maintenance and removal services to property your property when a decaying tree becomes unstable. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection.

Leaves Are Missing

Missing leaves are nothing to worry about in late autumn, however, leaves falling off branches in the middle of summer is most likely due to an underlying issue. It’s no secret that trees obtain nutrients and hydration from their roots; if the roots do not have access to these nutrients, the leaves and branches will start to suffer. If you notice that leaves are missing from the inside branches of your tree, closest to the trunk, give our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Collinsville, IL a call at (618) 667-9885. We provide reliable tree maintenance, tree removal, and treatment services to prevent your trees from falling without warning.

Large exposed roots of a tree that is decaying and ready to fall on a residential property in Collinsville, IL.

You Can See the Roots Coming Up

It is never a good sign when you notice the roots of a tree up and out of the ground. When this happens, it is a sure sign that your tree is suffering from a fungus and in danger of falling. We know how hard it is to tell when your trees are infected, that’s why we recommend investing in our reliable tree removal or disease treatment services to keep your trees’ roots from decaying. At A-Unlimited Tree Service in Collinsville, IL, we know just when to spot a dying tree and prevent it from wreaking havoc on your property. Trust our professionals by setting up an initial inspection today.

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