A small tree on a residential property in Troy, IL with bright orange leaves in the fall that adds colors to a homeowner’s lawn.

What Are the Best Trees for Adding Color to Your Lawn?

When it comes to choosing trees for your property in Troy, IL, colorful trees that require minimal tree care may be at the top of your list. Trees that provide rich, brilliant color can really accentuate your property and increase its aesthetic appeal. The conditions in Troy range from winter-time temps that fall well below freezing to summers that can be sweltering hot, dry, and long. A rundown of colorful tree options most recommended by tree professionals for Troy properties can help you decide which trees are best for your lawn. Some of the favorites among the team at A-Unlimited Tree Service, LLC include:

American Dogwood

For visual interest and year-long beauty (plus, minimal tree trimming), nothing beats the dogwood tree. Look for its red, pink, or white profusion of blooms in the spring—the likes of which morph into a lush foliage canopy come summer. Red foliage provides a blaze of beauty in autumn, and its intricate branch work dots the winter landscape beautifully.

A beautiful tulip tree with green, yellow, and orange budding flowers on a residential property in Troy, IL.

Tulip Tree

This hardwood tree grows quickly and steals the show wherever it’s planted. Its springtime show of tulip-shaped flowers provides a colorful look for your yard that melds into even more color as its leaves change to a brilliant yellow hue in the fall.

Red Oak

The majestic red oak is an Illinois favorite, both for its fiery red color and its hardiness. This colorful tree is a fast-growing brute, though, so be aware that it can reach up to 75 feet in height rather quickly and requires regular tree trimming.


The colors of the crabapple last nearly all year long. The show begins in springtime when it flowers out in a burst of red, pink, or white blossoms. The crabapple produces small fruits beginning at summer’s end and well into winter after its orange and red leaves fall from its branches.

Saucer Magnolia

The pink/purple flowers of this magnolia variety are shaped like saucers, hence its name. This tree stops the show wherever it’s planted, and it typically requires minimal tree trimming and tree pruning to thrive.

: A large red and orange sugar maple tree on a residential property in Troy, IL that requires frequent tree trimming.

Sugar Maple

If height and color are on your list for trees for your property, then the sugar maple ticks every box. The sugar maple grows up to 75 feet in height and produces a fiery canopy of intense reddish-orange foliage in the fall. Providing both shade and color, this tree is a great choice for Troy, IL, yards, but bear in mind that its height necessitates residential tree trimming and professional tree pruning services. (Don’t worry; A-Unlimited Tree Service, LLC, has you covered with expert care for all your trees.)

Weeping Cherry

Elegance is the order of the day with the weeping cherry tree. This tree is a landscaper’s favorite in Troy, and it’s easy to see why. It grows up to 30 feet tall and has a 25-foot-average spread of cascading blossoms that are best described as hauntingly beautiful. Pink or white blossoms bring a jolt of color to your landscape and make this tree the envy of the neighborhood.

USDA Hardiness Zones

No matter which trees you choose to plant on your property, always pay special attention to the tree’s USDA Hardiness Zone. The Hardiness Zone for Troy, Illinois is 6A through 6B. Ask your tree professional to help you choose trees rated for transplant in this zone to ensure that the trees can hold up to the local conditions.

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