A beautiful, sturdy treehouse built in the backyard of this Troy, IL home, ready to provide this family with years of fun adventures.

What Are the Best Trees for Building a Treehouse?

Many people remember what it was like to be a kid and how everything seemed like a fun game or grand adventure. What kid didn’t dream of having their own treehouse in their backyard? If you had one when you were younger, you could probably remember how magical it was and want to give your children that memorable experience. Building a treehouse can be a fantastic, creative project for your yard, but there is a lot to consider before you start. You don’t want to damage your tree or violate any local ordinances, and you want to ensure that you and your children remain safe throughout the construction process and after its completion. The first step is selecting the perfect tree. Beyond that, your next step can be contacting our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service for our expert tree services.

Maple Trees

A beautiful maple tree with colorful fall leaves, showcasing its thick trunk, perfect for a durable treehouse.

A maple tree would be an excellent choice for building a treehouse because its wood is hard, and the trunk is thick. Wide varieties of maple trees would be perfect for this project, including Rocky Mountain, Bigtooth, and Sugar Maples. Each of these trees has strong taproots that will provide a safe, anchored structure while allowing for flexibility. Maples can grow anywhere from 33 to 150 feet tall. For a treehouse, you’ll want to avoid the shrub variety of this tree because its small size and thin trunks won’t be strong enough to support the structure you want to build. Instead, utilize a good-sized tree that can support heavy loads and accommodate multiple people when placing the support beams in the correct location to allow you to make your treehouse more spacious.

Hickory Trees

Another hardwood tree that would make an incredible treehouse with its thick, strong branches is the hickory. Several species of hickory would be well-suited to this project, including Pignut, Pecan, Water, Shellbark, Bitternut, and more. They are solid hardwood trees that will provide a dense structure and supportive foundation. The most appealing aspect is their beautiful canopies that provide plenty of shade and require minimal care. Each species of hickory can grow up to 80 feet in height. The tree’s tissue won’t compress as much as a softer wood when weight is added to the structure. These trees do develop relatively slowly, however.

Oak Trees

A beautiful oak tree with a massive trunk and colorful fall leaves.

Oaks are beautiful, strong, solid trees, making them an excellent choice for your treehouse project, whether you select English oak, red oak, or white oak. The oak tree is a widespread species in North America that offers a distinctive look. These trees are incredibly sturdy and will provide stability to your treehouse with their thick trunks. An added advantage is the high level of tannic acid this species has in its bark and leaves, which means you won’t see as many issues with insect infestations or fungi growth. Finally, an oak tree’s bark is exceptionally thick, further supporting your anchors and the building structure while protecting against fire and disease.

Tulip Trees

Tulip trees are beautiful and prominent. They grow quickly and reach heights of 70 to 100 feet on average. Their sturdy trunks will support your treehouse structure, and this tree species tend to live longer than others, so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Plus, you can enjoy the lovely tulip blossoms the tree provides in the spring and use them for medicinal and culinary purposes. So, when considering which tree to select for your treehouse project, this gorgeous hardwood tree is an excellent and trustworthy choice.

Contact A-Unlimited Tree Service for a Tree Inspection

If you’ve noticed similarities among all these trees, then you’re very astute—all these options are deciduous trees, which is not coincidental. The best trees for treehouses have hardwood and sturdy, foundational roots to anchor them. In addition, their trunks and branches are strong, making them ideal for this project and safe for your children. Whenever you have questions about your trees or need professional services to maintain them, please call A-Unlimited Tree Service at 618.667.9885. Our team of experts will gladly assist you with our tools and expertise.

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