A heavy storm in Collinsville, IL, with trees prepared for rain by homeowners and professional tree care experts.

How to Prepare Your Tree for Seasonal Storms

There is no doubt that storms can cause extensive damage to our trees. Branches were thrown across the street, limbs hanging on power lines, branches lying across cars, and even entire trees were blown down, blocking the road or sidewalks. Storm damage is often more focused on trees than your items. So how do we prevent/prepare trees for a storm? A-Unlimited Tree Service has you covered! We provide many services that are great preventative measures against storms. These include tree trimming, pruning, maintenance, and removal! Before the storm, recognize and consider the threats your trees face and pose on your property.

Preventative measures should be taken before seasonal storms strike, and you should not wait until the last minute to protect your personal properties. Discover the different types of services A-Unlimited Tree Service offers to prepare your home for seasonal storms.

Survey Your Property

A homeowner is concerned about a tree on his Collinsville, IL property and places his hand on its massive trunk, hoping it doesn’t fall during one of the seasonal storms.

Take a survey of your trees by looking at their canopies, bark, trunks, roots, and branches. By doing this, you can construct a foundation for a tree care plan. This survey will be a great way to teach you how to maintain the urban forest and speak to an arborist. Speak to an experienced arborist at A-Unlimited Tree Service today to get a free estimate on any of your tree care needs! Make sure to conduct a yearly tree survey and note anything you see on your trees. By doing this, you will see any changes in your trees from year to year. If one of your trees appears to be leaning, sick, or damaged, call a certified arborist at A-Unlimited Tree Service to discuss treatment.

Tree Pruning

To prepare for a storm, you may need to prune your trees. If your tree is too close to a power line, it may come down with high winds causing power outages or possibly even fires. Also, check your trees for dead limbs and branches that could fall on your house during the storm. Even check healthy tree branches close to your house to ensure they can withstand high winds. A branch falling into your home can cause severe damage and possibly even collapse. So, call A-Unlimited Tree Service to prune your trees before the next major storm!

Tree Cabling

Tree cabling uses high-strength cables to support weak tree branches and help the tree grow in the right direction. Cabling is a great way to ensure your trees’ safety during a severe storm because it provides extra support. This is an essential investment for your home, so you can give your trees extra stability and help to prevent costly storm damage.

Tree Removal

An arborist in Collinsville, IL cutting down a tree for a client in preparation for seasonal storms.

Removing trees can be the best way to keep your property clean and safe. If you have any dead or dying trees, it is in your best interest to get them removed so they don’t fall on their own and cause damage to your property. However, ensure not to cut down any healthy trees because they do not need to be removed and do not threaten your property if taken care of properly. Instead, call A-Unlimited Tree Service at 618.667.9885 for a free estimate. Our certified and experienced arborists can advise you on tree pruning, trimming, maintenance, and removal needs!

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