A tree removal expert in a red plaid shirt taking a tree off a residential property due to it being planted too close to a home in Troy, IL.

Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees Too Close to Your Home

One of the easiest ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is to increase the presence of mature trees. If you’re planning to landscape your property, it’s important to know the safest spots to plant your trees to avoid future problems. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, our team offers tree care and removal services for residential trees in Troy, IL and the surrounding areas. Keep reading our blog to see why planting trees too close to your home can cause significant damage to your property and your vegetation.

Structural Damage

Living in the Midwest, your trees must withstand seasonal weather changes such as snow, heat, below-freezing temperatures, and high winds. These natural causes can take a toll on the health of your trees and even cause them to have broken limbs or be uprooted completely. In addition, if your tree is planted too close to your home, you will inevitably experience structural damage to your roof or exterior walls. To avoid structural damage, call our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, IL for a removal service.

Roof & Gutter Rot

When a tree is closely planted near your home, the crown of the tree often towers over your roof, leaving branches and leaves on your shingles and in your gutters. Unfortunately, this can lead to clogged gutters, damaged roof shingles, and seasonal rot that, when left unmaintained, can cause serious damage. A-Unlimited Tree Service is one of the leading tree care experts in Troy, IL that offers trimming and tree removal services for trees that are too close to your home. If you notice a lack of water draining from your gutters or damage to your roof, give us a call to examine the safety of your nearby trees.

Weakens Your Foundation

Just because your tree still stands tall doesn’t mean it isn’t wreaking havoc on your home. A tree’s root system can be anywhere from two-four times the diameter of the tree crown under the soil. If your tree is too closely planted near your home, these roots can easily weaken your foundation and make their way into your plumbing system, causing permanent harm. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we have modern technology that locates your tree’s root system to determine if any damage is caused underground or if your tree needs to be removed. Contact us today if you suspect issues with your home are caused by nearby trees.

What to Do About Unsafe Trees on Your Property

If you’re looking to update your property’s landscape, it’s important to know where certain trees, bushes, and other vegetation can be placed to avoid future hazards. For help with your tree placements, contact A-Unlimited Tree Service. We help homeowners in Troy, IL with comprehensive tree care that includes planting and maintaining all species that thrive in the Midwest. Schedule a consultation with our arborist to discuss the safety of your trees and home, or request an emergency tree removal service at 618.667.9885 if your home has suffered damage.

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