A sick tree in Edwardsville, IL, that has bark falling off of the tree. A diseased tree needs professional tree care and maintenance.

How Do I Know When a Tree is Sick?

Being able to spot abnormalities in your trees can be impossible if you’re unsure what to look for. Common illnesses and diseases all look differently depending on the type of tree, and the time it is left untreated. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, our specialists have years of experience identifying sicknesses in trees of all sizes and species throughout Edwardsville, IL. We are proud to help homeowners identify ways to care for their landscape while offering treatments and removal solutions when needed. Keep reading our blog to see what you should look for to prevent sick trees on your residential property.

Tree Bark Abnormalities

A tree’s bark can be different shades of white, grey, brown, and even red. So how do you know if your tree is sick based on its bark? Living in the Midwest, you will find that most of our trees have brown or light grey bark. Many common trees like oak, pine, maples, and others have tough-textured bark that seems indestructible in all types of weather. When you notice that your tree’s bark is oddly discolored, flaking, moist, or weeping, these may be signs that your tree is sick. When a tree’s trunk is exposed, it becomes the perfect place for infestation and bacteria to thrive. If you notice a weakening of your tree’s bark, give A-Unlimited Tree Service a call for expert tree treatment services.

Dead or Weak Branches

The shape of your tree can be a tell-tale sign if it is suffering from a sickness or disease. Any dropping, cracked, or dead branches can indicate the presence of fungal disease caused by pests or improper irrigation. When this happens, you’ll notice snapped or dry branches that drop without warning, weakening your tree’s structure. This harms your tree’s health and can cause hazardous conditions on your property if not taken care of. A-Unlimited Tree Service specializes in tree care and maintenance in Edwardsville, IL to rid your trees and surrounding vegetation of disease.

Wilted or Dying Leaves

One of the most common ways homeowners discover something is wrong with their trees is by examining their leaves. These are key signs of sickness or disease when your tree’s leaves fall or wilt in the middle of spring or summer. Trees that aren’t getting the proper nutrition from the soil or an overwhelming amount of pests are present; you will notice a discoloration or absence of leaves on several branches. Contact A-Unlimited Tree Service to treat fast-growing sicknesses in your trees. We use eco-friendly treatment solutions to protect your tree’s root system and stimulate new, healthy growth.

Insect Infestation

While there are many benefits that insects and trees provide for one another, there are instances where certain insects carry infections or harmful habits that can cause or spread sicknesses. For example, many beetles, moths, and worms steal an overwhelming amount of nutrients from all areas of Midwestern trees, leaving them no longer able to support healthy regrowth. When this happens, you’ll need an experienced arborist to provide tree care and disease prevention services to eliminate harmful pests from your trees. A-Unlimited Tree Service in Edwardsville, IL offers inspection and eco-friendly pest control services for your infected trees to prevent the spread of sickness to other areas of your landscape. Call us at 618.667.9885 if you notice pest and insect activity near your trees.

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