A professional tree trimmer in Glen Carbon, IL using cables to climb a tree and remove the branches with a chainsaw for a residential customer.

Is It Time to Take My Tree Down?

At A-Unlimited Tree Service, our #1 goal is to ensure the health and safety of your home and trees in Glen Carbon, IL. While many seasonal care and maintenance services can keep your trees healthy year-round, severe cases like internal decay and an infestation can require immediate removal services. Whether you’ve been having issues with your tree’s health for years or wondering if abnormal growth constitutes a complete removal of your tree, keep reading our blog below! We always go into detail about the common signs that it’s time to take down your tree and why you need our team to get the job done.

There is Significant Damage or Decay

Damaged trees are common in the Midwest due to unpredicted weather patterns. Strong winds, freezing temperatures, and various storms can strain the health and structure of your trees. If you notice vertical cracks in your tree trunk, bark peeling, or visible open wounds, these are signs of significant damage that could result in a complete removal service. A-Unlimited Tree Service offers thorough inspections and treatment options for damaged trees if removal can be prevented. If not, we provide bucket trucks and an experienced crew to remove your tree to avoid damage to your home.

Your Tree Has Dead Branches

Dead branches are a sure sign of disease, pest infestation, or other environmental factors that can be causing strain on your trees. When a tree has been left with sickness for many seasons, it can be impossible – or extremely expensive – to treat, making it a more common choice to have it removed. If your tree can no longer benefit from natural treatments, A-Unlimited Tree Service offers bucket truck and cable tree removal, depending on the size and health of your tree. Our certified arborist in Glen Carbon, IL will determine what is causing your tree branches to rot and provide immediate care to protect your home and family.

Your Tree Is Leaning & In a Hazardous Location

Leaning trees are not always hazardous, but their location can greatly affect your home’s safety. When one side of your tree is heavier than the other (due to uneven growth in branches and leaves), it can tilt the entire trunk and root system. When you have a leaning tree on your property, it’s only a matter of time before heavy storms and natural deterioration overcome the tree’s structure, causing it to uproot itself completely. Our certified arborist IN Glen Carbon, IL never recommends leaving a leaning tree close to your home, which is why we suggest immediate tree removal services. For emergency tree removal and inspection services, get in touch with our experienced team at A-Unlimited Tree Service.

Your Tree is Hollow

Hollow trees are extremely dangerous and a sure sign that internal decay has been at work for months or even years. While these small interior spaces are great for small animals like birds and squirrels to call their home, they can be a serious safety hazard for your home. A-Unlimited Tree Service recommends any tree that has a hollowed trunk or branches should undergo a removal service before it becomes uprooted or cracked. Contact our arborist in Glen Carbon, IL at 618.667.9885 to schedule an inspection to ensure that any hollowing is not an immediate threat to you or your family. We will sound out a tree using a rubber mallet to determine if the inside is hollowed out and whether or not we think it’s time for you to consider tree removal.

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