A residential lawn in O’Fallon, IL that has had a tree cut down and removed by a tree care company.

Why You Need Professional Tree Experts to Cut Down Your Tree

When trees fall unexpectedly, they can damage properties, depending on how they fall. Cutting down a tree yourself might not seem like that big of a project, but a lot goes into making sure a tree goes down safely. Whether clearing building sites or removing unwanted or unhealthy trees, having professional tree experts cut down your tree is the best bet. You can rest assured knowing that your property is in good hands with tree experts who are familiar with the removal process and have the right tools for the job. If you’re considering hiring a company like A-Unlimited Tree Service in O’Fallon, IL to remove a tree, here are some important reasons.

They Know When Trees Need to Come Down

Are you unsure about whether a tree needs to be trimmed down or if it needs to be removed? Professional tree experts can tell you with certainty. They can tell the difference between whether a tree can be safely treated for its ailments and recommend a tree care plan or if the best option is tree removal.

It’s Safer

Cutting down trees can be dangerous, especially with old growth. Depending on the size and the surrounding area, aerial lifts, cranes, and cables may be needed to remove the tree safely. The rest of the equipment, from wood chippers to stump grinders, can be dangerous when not used safely. Likewise, falling trees could damage utility structures or buildings if not done correctly.

You Aren’t Liable for Damages

Hiring a tree removal service reduces your potential liability if the tree falls and damages someone’s property. In addition, hiring a properly licensed and insured company to come and do the work for you means that you aren’t solely liable if something goes wrong during the removal process.

It Saves You Time and Effort

Especially if you’ve never done it before, removing trees can be a time-consuming task that requires a lot of effort. However, professionals know exactly what they are doing and have their processes streamlined to be done as safely as possible, quickly, and efficiently.

They Clean Everything Up For You

Once a tree comes down, there’s still one problem: Cleanup. Trees often seem smaller when upright, but once it’s down on your property, you may realize just how big of a job it is to dispose of the rest. 

Hiring a professional tree removal company like A-Unlimited Tree Service in O’Fallon, IL means you don’t have to worry about a thing or lift a finger. We’ll remove the tree, cutting it into manageable pieces and removing it from the property. We can also grind down the stump and clean up the debris left behind by the removal process, saving you time on lawn care after the fact.

Contact A-Unlimited Tree Service for Your Tree Removal Needs

At A-Unlimited Tree Service in O’Fallon, IL, we make trees our whole personality. From tree care and tree trimming and pruning to tree maintenance and tree removal, we do it all. If you have a tree that needs to come down, contact us today at 618.667.9885 to get a quick and easy consultation.

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