An overhead shot of multiple tall trees in a forest that requires very little water to grow in Troy, IL.

What Trees Require the Least Amount of Water?

Just like any other plant on your property in Troy, IL, your trees are an important part of creating not only a beautiful curb appeal for your home but for keeping the ecosystem on your property fully balanced. Many homeowners, however, forget that certain trees must be watered regularly to stay healthy, making it impossible for busy homes to keep up with the demands of tree care. Thankfully, our tree experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service have put together a list of 4 trees that require little to no water for homeowners with busy schedules and a desire for a beautiful property. Keep reading below to learn more!

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are easily recognizable due to their tall and bushy stature; however, some homeowners are unaware that deciduous trees require little to no water to survive for years at a time. Not only are these trees known for their low maintenance requirements, but they also are great at conserving energy and providing the perfect amount of shade for your property in Troy, IL. So, if you’re looking for tall, beautiful, and flowering trees that require little to no water or maintenance, deciduous trees are the perfect option! Get in touch with our professionals at A-Unlimited Tree Service to learn more about how to take care of your deciduous trees.

Evergreen Trees

A forest of evergreen trees that do not require a lot of water to survive in Troy, IL.

Evergreen trees including cedars, oaks, and pines are some of the most common trees in the Midwest that can thrive with little to no water. These tall-growing trees have deep, intricate roots that gain nutrients from damp soil deep within the Earth, making them perfect for residential land in the Troy, IL area that does not have an irrigation system or get very much rain. Not only can these trees easily withstand drought, but they grow quickly and can even provide some much-needed shade for your home. For evergreen tree care, trust the professionals at A-Unlimited Tree Service.

Southwest Trees

Southwest trees, usually native to Arizona and Southern California, can be found throughout residential properties in the Midwest. These trees have found ways to grow and thrive in extremely high temperatures, meaning they can handle everything from long-lasting droughts to very little maintenance. If you have southwest trees in your yard and are worried about them drying out in the summer heat, don’t worry, they are made to withstand much worse! While they can rely on very little water, they still require some to best thrive in varying weather conditions. Give A-Unlimited Tree Service a call to find out more about your southwest trees!

Crepe Myrtle

A beautiful pink and green crepe myrtle tree that is low maintenance and does not require a lot of water on a residential property in Troy, IL

Crepe myrtles are one of the most beautiful flowering trees in the Midwest that do not require much water to survive. These gorgeous residential trees come in a variety of colors including white, purple, pink, and red, creating the perfect curb appeal for homes in Troy, IL. Once crepe myrtle trees are fully grown, they have an extremely good drought tolerance and can even handle both humid and freezing temperatures without requiring extensive maintenance. Give A-Unlimited Tree Service a call at (618) 667-9885 for more information on how to care for your crepe myrtle trees!

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