An old slow-growing tree placed on a residential property in Highland, IL, and need of professional tree care services.

The 4 Slowest Growing Trees & Plants You May Have in Your Yard & Not Know It

If you have trees on your residential property in Highland, IL, have you ever wondered how long it will take them to become fully grown? It’s easy to assume that trees become 100 feet tall overnight, but that’s not the case for these common trees and plants in the Midwest. Here are four common slow-growing trees and plants that you could have on your property without knowing! Keep reading below to learn more, and don’t forget to give A-Unlimited Tree Service a call for expert tree and plant health care services.

Magnolia Grandiflora

Magnolia grandiflora trees are slow-growing, to say the least as they are one of the only trees in Highland, IL that can take an entire lifetime or longer to become fully grown. Most magnolia trees typically grow up to 1 foot a year and can get anywhere from 60-120 feet tall! As young plants, Magnolia Grandiflora trees flower and will continue to do so until they are fully grown, making for one of the most beautiful additions to your property – if you don’t mind the wait! At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we provide specialize tree care services for your magnolia trees to keep them healthy for generations.

Aloe Vera Plant

A slow-growing aloe vera plant on a residential property in Highland, IL, and need of professional watering and care services.

It is no secret that aloe vera plants have incredible healing and medical properties, but did you know that they can take anywhere from 3-4 years to become fully grown? If you’re looking to get a low-maintenance house plant for your home in Highland, IL, aloe vera plants are a perfect choice. Not only this, but once they are adults, you can remove any smaller leaves from the base and replant them in their pot! For more information on how to properly take care of your slow-growing indoor and outdoor plants, give A-Unlimited Tree Service a call! We offer quality plant care services for residential and commercial clients in Highland, IL.

Wisteria Floribunda

Wisteria floribunda trees, also known as Japanese Wisteria trees, were originally native to Japan but first introduced to American soil in the early 1800s. While these beautiful flowering trees can get up to 30 feet and live for more than 50 years, it will take about 10-20 years of slow growth to see wisteria in full bloom. Many homeowners may not realize they have a wisteria floribunda tree on their property, mainly because it can take anywhere from 5-10 years after planting to even sprout a colorful flower. If you suspect that you have a wisteria tree on your property, call A-Unlimited Tree Service to be sure! We offer tree care for wisteria trees in Highland, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Gold Thread Cypress

A field of gold thread cypress trees on a residential property in Highland, IL. These slow-growing trees require professional tree care services.

Gold Thread Cypress trees are one of the slowest growing trees in the Midwest as they increase their height by only 1.5-2 inches every year! These trees are perfect for properties in Highland, Illinois due to their drought tolerance, ability to grow in various shades of sunlight, and are fairly low maintenance. If you have gold thread cypress trees on your land, you can expect them to get anywhere from 1 to 5 feet tall in their lifetime and will never need to be pruned or trimmed unless they are sprouting dead or broken branches. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we provide tree care services to gold thread cypress trees of all ages. Give us a call today at (618) 667-9885.

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