Two male service workers cutting down large tree branches with a chainsaw from a highly elevated chair lift platform/bucket in Troy, IL.

Why Are Cranes & Bucket Trucks Used for Tree Removal?

Trees add natural beauty to any property, but they must be properly cared for so they can stand tall for many years. Tree trimming is often necessary to help maintain the health of the trees on your property. This includes pruning, crown reduction, and tree removal. A-Unlimited Tree Service provides these services to residential and commercial clients in the Troy, IL, area. When you schedule tree trimming, you’ll notice that we come with all the proper equipment. This includes bucket trucks and sometimes cranes. These help us to ensure the job is done properly and safely.

Tree Trimming Safety

We know that safety is a priority for the Troy, IL, property owners we serve. By using bucket trucks and cranes for tree trimming, we can ensure that our workers and your property are all protected. Bucket trucks allow our workers to get to a safe position to trim the tree without having to try to balance on a ladder. Having a stable work surface enables them to get the best cuts for the tree.

A-Unlimited Tree Service doesn’t use a crane for every job, but there are some situations when having one is crucial. A crane is best used when we need to trim a large limb so we can control where it lands once it’s off the tree.

Precision Tree Trimming

A bucket truck makes it much easier for our team to trim a tree precisely for the look that our clients want. One of the more common Troy, IL, tree trimming concerns is making sure the trees don’t impede electrical power lines. Our team members can get close to the tree and have a good view of the power lines to ensure the branches we trim won’t crash down on the power lines.

The moving arm on which the bucket sits lets our employees get right to where they need to be. They can adjust the bucket using a set of controls so they can move around the tree without having to come down.

Ease of Tree Removal

Bucket trucks and cranes make it much easier to remove trees when necessary. The crane controls where the tree falls once it’s cut. Cranes are also helpful when a tree trim involves large branches or branches that are in close proximity to structures on the property. Having the best equipment for the job always makes the process go more smoothly.

Contact Our Tree Maintenance and Lawn Care Company

The team at A-Unlimited Tree Service can handle all your Troy, IL, tree care needs. Give us a call at 618.667.9885 to discuss your lawn care and tree maintenance needs. Our professionals are prepared to trim trees, including stump grinding. We have a fully insured staff and offer free estimates. We even have 24-hour emergency services for commercial and residential clients.

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