Professional stump grinding and stump removal service for a residential home in the Metro East area.

Why DIY Stump Removal Is Dangerous

So, you have just had a tree removed on your property, and now that the threat of a diseased or overgrown tree is now gone, the leftover stump now creates a new headache as to how it will be removed. Instead of calling a professional stump grinding expert, many homeowners choose to perform a DIY stump removal service themselves. While this may seem like the easiest and cheapest route to take, homeowners are often met with struggles that create even more harmful results. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we are here to give you advice on why DIY stump removal is dangerous and why you should invest in our expert and professional stump removal service. Keep reading below!

Creates Issues Underground

Removing a tree stump may not seem like rocket science, however, without the proper tools and cutting or digging techniques, trying to remove a tree stump can create serious issues underground. Oftentimes water and gas lines can be placed around trees, and all it takes is one forceful hit with a shovel to create a dangerous leak and a much bigger issue. Not only this but depending on the age and size of your once standing tree, the roots connected to your tree stump run much deeper and further than you think, making it almost impossible to remove with experience. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we provide quality and efficient stump removal and stump grinding services for homeowners in the Metro East Area. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

Above Ground Concerns

Stump removal and stump grinding professional using a shovel to remove a deep stump from a residential yard in the Metro East area.

Just as easy as it is to create an issue underground, there are also above-ground concerns that are present when conducting a DIY stump removal service. Depending on the age and size of your once standing tree, the thickness of your stump can create excess debris while cutting that can hit not only you but those surrounding you. On top of this, you may permanently damage your yard, creating a large eyesore where your tree once stood. When it comes to removing a stump from your yard, trust the professionals at A-Unlimited Tree Service in the Metro East area to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call today for a free estimate on your next stump grinding and stump removal service.

Stump Removal Requires Professional Equipment

Another reason why homeowners don’t often try their hand at removing their tree stumps is due to a lack of professional equipment to get the job done. At A-Unlimited Tree Service in the Metro East area, our expert arborists have years of experience using top-of-the-line technology to remove trunks safely and efficiently from residential and commercial properties. While it may seem easier to get a heavy-duty shovel and start digging to the roots, not only will you exhaust yourself, but even missing one small chunk of roots can allow your removed tree to potentially grow back in the future. Don’t risk potentially injuring yourself or your property, instead call on the professionals with the equipment necessary to safely remove your tree stump at (618) 581-4470.

Improper Disposal

Homeowner improperly disposing of a cut tree trunk from professional stump removal experts in the Metro East area.

One of the major reasons why DIY stump removal is not recommended is due to the improper disposal of the roots and stump. Many homeowners are unaware of the appropriate way to dispose of their stumps, resulting in messy and even harmful consequences. Burning a severed stump can take more than a day due to the thickness of the severed tree’s trunk, applying stump killer will only provide a temporary solution, potentially allowing the tree to grow back in time, and leaving the stump there will result in rotting wood and pests. Instead of performing DIY stump removal, call the experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in the Metro East area. We have the experience and tools to remove your pesky tree stumps in no time.

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