Dead and dying trees that require professional tree care and tree maintenance services in Glen Carbon, IL.

Pruning Can Save Your Dying Tree

Just as easy as it is for you to get sick, trees get sick sometimes too. While a majority of trees have the potential of living hundreds of years, constant environmental stresses, harsh weather conditions, disease, improper care, and pests can affect the health of your trees. If you notice that a tree on your property is looking withered and shows obvious signs of decay, A-Unlimited Tree Service in Glen Carbon is here to help. Keep reading for tips such as pruning for how to save your dying trees or give us a call at (618) 667-9855.

Have a Professional Identify the Issue

If a tree on your property is lacking leaves, has weak or brittle wood, or is suffering from large cracks on the trunk, it may be time to call a professional arborist to identify the cause of your decaying tree. While it may seem easier to research a few DIY tricks to help save your tree, without the proper tools and knowledge of how to treat it, you may risk putting your tree in harm’s way. At A-Unlimited Tree Service in Glen Carbon, IL, our team has extensive training on how to diagnose and tree a dying tree, making it a much more likely possibility that your tree can be saved. Whether it is an infestation of pests or an issue with the soil acidity levels, we are here to restore your trees as efficiently as possible.

Make Sure Your Trees Are Being Watered Properly

A homeowner watering her newly planted tree with help from tree care professionals in Glen Carbon, IL.

Just like your flowers and vegetable garden, trees need to be watered properly to stay in good health. One of the reasons why your tree may be dying is due to a lack of hydration. Summers in Glen Carbon, IL are notorious for being brutally hot, humid, and lacking rain for weeks at a time, leaving it up to the homeowner to keep their trees healthy and watered. If you are reading this and thinking, “that can’t be me, I water my trees multiple times a day”, you may also be stunting your tree’s health. Overwatering your trees can also lead to sudden decay as the roots are drowning in too much water. Call A-Unlimited Tree Service today for quality and affordable tree care services for your property.

Do Not Fertilize

While it may seem like the more nutrients for your dying tree the better, many homeowners try using lawn fertilizer as a way to stimulate growth, however, this can cause more harm to your tree than good. If you suspect that the soil surrounding your tree is the cause for rapid decay, first test the pH of the soil to determine the acidity level and consult with a professional arborist to determine the next step in the healing process. At A-Unlimited Tree Service in Glen Carbon, IL has been providing soil testing and tree care services to homes and businesses in the area for years. Before fertilizing your tree, contact us and we will help you every step of the way.

Prune Dead or Dying Branches

Expert tree care professional in a bucket truck pruning a dying and decaying tree on a residential property in Glen Carbon, IL.

One of the quickest and safest ways to save your dying tree or bush is to call your local tree care professionals at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Glen Carbon, IL. Generally, a dying tree is only decaying in specific areas that when cut, prevent the disease from spreading. Thankfully, our team of tree care specialists has years of experience inspecting and pruning sick trees to keep them alive for decades to come. All of our tree pruning tools are sterilized after every cut to ensure that deadly bacteria cannot be transferred to healthy branches. Let our team save your trees or bushes today by calling (618) 667-9855 for a free estimate on your next pruning service.

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