A storm-damaged tree in Granite City, IL that has had a large branch break off and requires tree care services.

How to Care for Your Storm-Damaged Trees

Living in the Midwest, heavy rainstorms in the spring and brutally cold and snowy winters are a common occurrence for Granite City, IL homeowners. Unfortunately, these storms can cause stress on your trees and plants and even damage depending on the severity of the storm. Thankfully our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service are here to provide tree pruning, tree removal, and general tree care services when you need an emergency cleanup service for your property. Keep reading below to learn more about how we care for your storm-damaged trees.

Treating the Tree

One of the first things tree care experts do when getting a call for a storm-damaged tree is inspect the area and form a quick plan on how to treat the tree or trees that have been affected. After an initial assessment, if there are only a few branches broken, an inspection will be done on the trunk of the tree, the branches will be removed from the property, and debris will be properly disposed of by our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service. If your tree has large branches that are hanging from the trunk, we provide emergency trimming and pruning services to maintain the health of your tree. You can count on our team in Granite City, IL to provide the proper care needed to restore your storm-damaged trees.

Branch Removal

Many trees on a residential property in Granite City, IL that have had branches fall and break off due to a storm.

Although your tree’s branches can withstand a significant amount of weight, constant strain from powerful storms can cause your branches to snap or become unsafe. Often when providing an emergency tree care service, our team must remove fallen or hanging branches from properties in Granite City, IL – this is another way to care for your storm-damaged trees without removing them entirely. Depending on where the limb has snapped, our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service will assess the damaged area and cut were from 12-18 inches from the main branch or trunk. If you notice that your tree has broken branches, give us a call today and we will restore the health and safety of your residential trees.

Torn Bark

If your storm-damaged trees have bark torn from the trunk or tree branches, our team at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Granite City, IL is here to provide the proper care needed to restore your tree’s health. After examining the damaged areas, our experts will carefully trim away any loose bark that has been torn off and discard any debris to keep your property looking presentable. The key to trimming the bark off your storm-damaged tree is to keep the cut as close as possible to the trunk and in the shape of an oval. This promotes quick and healthy growth from your tree with very little wood decay.

Uprooted Trees

A large fully-grown tree uprooted and fallen on a residential property in Granite City, IL due to heavy storms.

While it doesn’t happen often, trees can become uprooted from the ground during heavy rain or snowstorm. In this case, tree removal and debris pick-up services are the only available option to restore the safety of your Granite City, IL property. For some smaller trees, it may be possible to brace the truck and replant the tree, however, this only happens in certain cases where the roots are still in the soil and intact. If a tree has been uprooted on your property, call A-Unlimited Tree Service today for tree removal and care services at 618.667.9885.

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