A beautiful residential home in Collinsville, IL with shrubs planted in the front yard and near the walkway thanks to landscaping experts.

4 Reasons Why You Should Plant Shrubs in Your Yard

As a homeowner, one of the first things you fell in love with was the exterior of your property. To keep up with the warm and inviting aesthetic of your front and back yard, our experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Collinsville, IL recommend planting shrubs when landscaping your property. Keep reading our blog to see 4 reasons why you should plant shrubs in your yard this spring or summer season.

Creates Privacy for Your Yard

If you live in Collinsville, IL, then you know that sometimes properties are placed on top of each other with little to no privacy in your front or back yard. One of the easiest ways to create privacy without spending thousands of dollars is to plant shrubs on the borders of your property. Tall hedges are great ways to create seclusion on your property for family and friend get-togethers without having to worry about next-door neighbors intruding or being bothered. A-Unlimited Tree Service provides shrub and hedge maintenance services for homeowners in southern Illinois – just give us a call today to maintain your landscaping at an affordable price.

Creates Curb Appeal

A yellow wheelbarrow full of dirt used to plant shrubs in front of residential property in Collinsville, IL.

Planting shrubs in your front and back yard is a great way to add curb appeal to your property without having to plant dozens of flowers or small trees to take up space. Compared to many other plants, shrubs are inexpensive and extremely easy to take care of, making them a great choice for homeowners that do not have time to tend to an array of plants. At A-Unlimited Tree Service in Collinsville, IL, we help homeowners maintain and plant shrubs on their property to ensure proper care and effective curb appeal. Give us a call today to have your shrubs maintained.

Simplifies Your Landscaping

If you’re worried that you have too many plants, trees, and flowers on your property, but something is missing from your landscaping design, shrubs are the perfect addition to any property in Collinsville, IL. The last thing you want is to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on flowers and small plants to landscape your large property. Not only do shrubs take up large areas of space, but they simplify your landscape to not look so crowded and overgrown. If you aren’t sure where to place shrubs on your property, contact our tree and shrub experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service for landscaping assistance and maintenance services.

Reduces Your Home’s Cooling Costs

A beautiful home with professional landscaping including shrubs, small trees, flowers, and more in Collinsville, IL.

Did you know the shrubs can actually affect the cost of your cooling bill? Well, thanks to the National Gardening Association, we now know that tall shrubs that create shade for south-facing windows and air conditioners can reduce the amount of electricity your home uses to cool your property.  How cool is that? So, if you’re looking to save some money on your upcoming HVAC bill, think about planting some tall shrubs at the south end of your property or near your air conditioning unit. If you need help maintaining or installing shrubs on your property, give A-Unlimited Tree Service in Collinsville, IL a call today at 618.667.9885.

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