man pruning branches off a large tree

Troy Illinois: How Often Should My Trees Be Trimmed?

When it comes to property maintenance, a majority of homeowners spend their time maintaining their lawns, bushes, and gardens. However, tree maintenance is also an important part of the look and health of your property. Having a routine tree trimming schedule is essential to the growth, shape, and health of your trees. What are you waiting for? Keep your property in shape with services from our professional tree trimming company A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, Illinois. For over 15 years we have been serving residents in Troy, Illinois, and the Metro East area with quality and affordable tree trimming services. Keep reading below to learn more about how often your trees need to be trimmed!

Does the Health of My Tree Matter?

Yes! The health of your tree matters and can affect how often your tree leaves and branches need to be trimmed. Oftentimes homeowners are not aware that their trees contain disease or pests until it has spread to a large part of their tree. When this happens, it is highly recommended to call your local tree trimming company to determine the proper treatment for your infected tree to restore it to health. At A-Unlimited Tree Service we always inspect the health of your tree before we trim, call today at (618) 581-4472.

Edited image of a tree representing the four seasons with green, orange, and white-colored leaves and landscapesDoes the Time of The Year Matter?

To put it simply – yes! The best time to trim your trees is during the dormant season when all of the leaves have fallen off the branches and no new growth has started! Typically, this is towards the end of the year from November through January. While it is possible to prune or trim your trees in the summer and springtime, it is much more common and safer for the tree to do so in the fall and early winter months.

Does the Type of Tree I Have Matter?

Remember how we mentioned that every tree is different? Well, the type of tree you’re looking to trim matters significantly when trying to decide how often you should trim your branches. For instance, Evergreen trees are not trimmed often, sometimes going many years without needing a trim until select branches are dead or hazardous. Oak trees on the other hand must be trimmed every two-three years and only in October through March. Regardless of the type of tree you have on your property, A-Unlimited Tree Service is here to create a trimming plan that works for you!

Person in a black long-sleeved shirt using an orange chainsaw to cut a large brand off a treeSo, How Often Should My Trees Be Trimmed

There is no definitive answer to this question – every tree is different and has its own needs! Depending on the location of your property, the species of your tree, and even the time of the year can determine when and how often your trees need to be trimmed. A majority of trees usually need to be trimmed every 2-5 years depending on several factors. The first step in this process is to call your local tree trimming experts at A-Unlimited Tree Service in Troy, Illinois to schedule a consultation and receive an estimate on your trimming service.

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