Yellow tree stump tool grinding up removed tree trunk for a residential customer

Highland Illinois: The Benefits of Stump Grinding After Your Tree Is Removed

So, you’re looking to remove a tree from your commercial or residential property? However, you’re wondering what the best route is for the leftover tree stump. Should it be removed? Should it be left in the ground? Don’t worry, A-Unlimited Tree Service is here to help! After a tree is removed, the stumps leftover can often cause annoyance and even pose a danger if not taken care of properly. Whether your tree was dead, damaged, or you just wanted it off your property, our tree experts are here to remove your pesky tree stumps through a stump grinding process that will undoubtedly suit your property. To learn more about the benefits of stump grinding on your property in Highland, Illinois, call our experts today at (618) 581-4470.

Protects Your Property from Damage

Stump grinding is a great way to protect you, your family, or if you are a business owner, your customers. Stumps are a serious tripping hazard and can cause several accidents while running, mowing your land, and more if not taken care of properly. Don’t be liable for accidents on your property due to pesky stumps, let our stump removal experts grind them out of your yard today in Highland, Illinois.

Cut tree stump covered in decay due to disease and pests on residential or commercial propertyAvoids Pest & Disease Infestation

While your tree may have been healthy when it was cut down, that doesn’t mean that your tree stump is safe from pests and disease. In fact, it is more vulnerable than ever now that it is exposed to elements that were usually protected by thick and protective bark. Over time your stumps can become infested with termites and other disease-ridden pests that can begin to affect the health of your property. Don’t wait for pests to settle in, call A-Unlimited Tree Service today for expert stump grinding services on your residential or commercial property.

It Improves the Look of Your Home

Tree stumps can easily make your yard look untidy and neglected, especially if they are covered in pests. Having your tree stumps removed can not only make your property look better, but it can increase your overall property value as well! Let A-Unlimited Tree Service restore your property with our quality stump removal services in Highland, Illinois. Call our shop today for a free estimate from our tree trimming and stump removal experts.

Person in a red top and blue jeans operating a stump grinding machine to remove tree trump from a residential propertyStops New Tree from Growing

One of the most common occurrences, when stumps are not removed from your property, is the ability for a new tree to grow in its place. If you are paying for a tree removal service, chances are you’re not going to be happy when a new tree starts to sprout from the severed stump! Once the stump and roots below are destroyed, regrowth becomes impossible, just the way you want it. Invest in stump removal services from A-Unlimited Tree Service to save you money in the long run.

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