Tree stump on a residential property in the winter after a tree has been cut down

Why Winter Is the Best Time for Tree & Stump Removal

When it comes to tree and stump removal services, not many home and business owners know that the late fall and early wintertime is the best environment to remove pesky trees and stumps from your yard. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we have over 15 years of experience in the tree trimming and stump removal industry. Our skilled contractors take advantage of colder temperatures for pruning and tree removal due to the dormancy of the trees, meaning their growth will not be stunted or delayed. If you need tree trimming, tree removal, or stump removal services for your home or business in Troy, Illinois, call us today!

 Easier to Evaluate the Tree or Stump’s Health

While it may seem impossible to determine the health of a tree or bush in the wintertime without any sprouting leaves, it is much easier for experts to determine your tree’s health simply by the branches and structure. Trees in the spring and summer are covered in thick green and yellow leaves, making it hard for arborists to determine how dangerous or decaying a branch or trunk is. If you’re needing professional tree or stump removal services, be sure to call A-Unlimited Tree Service during the winter months for a fast and accurate evaluation of your tree’s health.

Tree stump on a residential property in the winter after a tree has been cut downCreates Better Growth Conditions to Take Place in the Spring

While there is nothing wrong with removing trees and stumps in the springtime, it is much easier for the area surrounding your trees to recover throughout the winter, than to disturb the healthy ground in the spring and summer that will leave your property looking uneven. Tree and stump removal in the winter creates better growth conditions for your lawn when you’re ready to landscape. Call A-Unlimited Tree Service for expert tree removal services to ensure the health of your property all year long.

Stops the Spread of Disease

One of the best parts of the winter months in the Midwest is the lack of insects that threaten everything from the comfort of your home to the health of your trees. That’s right – insects, parasites, bacteria, and fungi are most active in the spring and summer months, making it more difficult to remove without jeopardizing the health of your surrounding trees and plants. Removing your trees and stumps in the winter, however, stops the spread of disease, making it easier for tree removal experts to protect your neighboring trees and plants. Don’t let pests like termites, moths, beetles, and ants put the safety of your lawn in jeopardy, call A-Unlimited Tree Services today!

Broken and dead tree branch with orange leaves falling and damaging residential property in the winterPrevents Potential Property Damage

If you have any dying or damaged trees on your property, it is extremely important to get them removed to prevent any potential property damage that may occur in the winter months. When branches become heavy with snow and ice, they become at risk of breaking, especially if they are already weak and suffering from decay. Call A-Unlimited Tree Service for quality tree and stump removal services in the winter to prevent unnecessary damage to your home or property in Troy, Illinois.

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