Residential tree trunk infested with harmful bugs and termites and needing to be removed

Highland Illinois: The Top 4 Pests That Can Damage Your Trees

While it is extremely natural for many animals and insects to inhabit your trees and bushes, there are a select few that can damage and even destroy your trees entirely if not taken care of. At A-Unlimited Tree Service, we have seen just about everything in our 15 years in the industry. And while we promote the habitats that your trees provide, we also know that some pests can be dangerous and therefore must be professionally removed before they can spread to other areas of your property. We have put together a list of the top 4 pests that can damage your trees and how to spot them. If you notice any of these pests on your property, give our tree experts a call today for quality tree removal services in Highland, Illinois.

Fall Webworm

Fall Webworms are a type of moth that when in their larval stage, are extremely hazardous to trees found throughout the Midwest. These pests create thick and elaborate nests out of webbing closely resemble that of spiders in the late summer and fall months. These webs are extremely difficult to remove and create more of an unhealthy and unpleasant look to your trees more than anything. While these pests aren’t particularly damaging to the growth of your tree, they are extremely invasive and can spread throughout your entire property if not taken care of.

Forest Tent Caterpillar

Forest Tent Caterpillars, like the Fall Webworm, use a sticky and silk substance when traveling across tree branches to make it safe for them to lay their eggs in the summer months. Not only do they lay upwards of 300 eggs at a time, but the sticky substance coating the eggs can cause permanent damage to a tree’s leaves. If you notice decay brown spots forming on your tree’s leaves, call A-Unlimited Today for proper and affordable pest treatment.

Infected green and brown leaves dying from moth infestation on the residential propertyNantucket Pine Tip Moth

The Nantucket Tip Moth is found all across the United States, affecting a variety of pine tree species and can most commonly be found on Christmas tree farms and large open areas in the Midwest. These young moths feed on the outside of a newly growing pine seedling, eventually boring into the tips and buds, damaging the tree issue and making it impossible for new life to grow. These moths can cause a significant amount of damage if not taken care of by a professional arborist. Call A-Unlimited Tree Service today for quality Pine Tip Moth removal services.

Green tree leaves and thin branches infested with aphid pests and needing professional pest treatment servicesAphids

Aphids are a sap-sucking insect that is most commonly known as a greenfly or blackfly due to their color but can come in a variety of colorful shades. These pests cultivate plants in temperate regions like the Midwest and draw the sap out of the leaves and bark of trees, weakening them and destroying their ability to regrow. Being as these insects are asexual in their reproduction, they produce larva at an exceptional rate, making them extremely hard to remove once they have begun to spread. If you notice the leaves on your trees become brown and weak, call A-Unlimited Tree Service for expert pest removal services in Highland, Illinois.

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